Buying diamonds: what to look out for when buying gemstones!

Diamonds are the absolute classic among gemstones and enjoy great popularity in both calm and troubled times. A high-quality piece of jewelry is forever and not only has sentimental value, but is also a good investment that can be passed on over several generations. And in view of the change in the fashion industry and the trend towards less opulent, but timelessly elegant models, the price of diamonds will continue to rise in the future. But despite or precisely because of the large range, it can be difficult to find a piece of jewelry that you like 100%. In this case you can buy gold and diamonds and have the jewelry designed by the goldsmith according to your own ideas. There are a few basic rules that should be observed when buying diamonds.

Buying Diamonds: How to Find a Reliable Dealer

Buying diamonds tips how to choose correctly

If you Buy diamonds then you should first find a reliable dealer. Renowned dealers are certified, can be reached by email or phone and offer live chat support even after the purchase. All diamonds come with a certificate. The IGI, HRD and GIA certifications, for example, are considered trustworthy. IGI stands for International Gemological Institute. It is recognized worldwide and has numerous laboratories. HRD is an abbreviation of Hoge Raad voor Diamant, another institute in Belgium that specializes in the valuation of precious stones. GIA is derived from the Gemological Institute of America, a gemological expert organization in the United States.

Buy diamonds online

Buying diamonds online what to look for tips

In the past, the high-quality gemstones were only available in jewelry stores, nowadays most retailers also have one online shop, where the full range of products can be found. As a rule, the diamond sale is well done, but customers should still consider a few things when ordering. You should definitely clarify these questions with the dealer:

Design your own jewelry with precious stones and have it made by a jeweler

1. Availability of the offered diamonds, minimum order quantity and delivery times. The reputable providers usually score with short delivery times because they have the diamonds in stock.

2. Quality control and certificates proving the diamond’s value.

3. Transport costs, customs clearance, insurance, take-back guarantee. Some of the dealers also offer delivery by a security courier.

4. Special payment options such as escrow service for prepayment and various online payment methods.

This is what you should pay attention to when buying a diamond!

Buying Diamonds for Engagement Ring Tips for Buyers

Regardless of whether the diamonds are bought for jewelry or as an investment: There are some criteria that are decisive for the value of the gemstones. First and foremost, there are the four C-s, i.e. Clarity, Carat, Cut and Color. Each gemstone is rated according to the four C-s.

  • Under Carat weight of a diamond is understood by its actual weight, not its size. It can happen that two diamonds with the same carat weight are different in size. The criterion is not decisive for the final price and a higher carat weight is no guarantee of high quality. One carat weighs 0.20 grams.

Buy diamonds online as retailers recognize

  • The cut: All rough diamonds are cut by hand. Whether the gemstone can develop its full effect depends above all on the cut. It depends on a precise symmetry between the numerous diamond facets and on a masterful polish. Depending on how the facets are arranged, a distinction is made between several cuts.
  • The purity is determined according to a strict purity standard. The purer a diamond, the better its light reflection and, accordingly, the more the gemstone sparkles.

Buying diamonds you should pay attention to this

  • The color is decisive for the rarity of the diamond. Most gemstones are slightly colored, diamonds with no or very little color are very rare and therefore – more valuable. The experts orientate themselves according to a color scale, where the diamonds are divided into three groups. The first group consists of the gemstones, which are almost completely colorless, the second includes diamonds with a light yellowish tint and the third is composed of the gemstones with a visible yellow undertone.