Bracelets for women – fashionable bracelets and styling tips

Bangle for women - jewelry gold chic ball

One of the most popular accessories this year is the Bracelets for women. It became very popular even in the early days and indicated the social status of the wearer. The noble men wore decorated bracelets as a custom at the coronation or as a symbol of their belonging. Warriors used wide bracelets to protect their wrists during battle. Today you are spoiled for choice and with which styling tips we are sure to help.

Bracelets for women – a chic accessory for an elegant outfit

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The current models of bracelets are mainly kept simple and designed in gold, silver or the modern rose gold color. They are either relatively wide or, on the contrary, thin – about 5mm wide. Several pieces can be tastefully worn at the same time and add a casual touch to the look. For a stylish appearance, stylists recommend opting for jewelry either on the neck or on the arm.

Bracelets for women – favorite part of many bloggers

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Bloggers and fashionistas are there to implement the latest trends in everyday life and to present them how regular people can skillfully wear designer pieces. The US-based fashion blogger Sazan Hendrix from is undoubtedly a role model for style and class. One of her favorite pieces of jewelry is the bangle, variations of which she likes to wear in summer.

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hUse the ladies’ bracelets to accentuate the upper arm

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Sazan combines the interesting accessory really effectively with details from the rest of her clothing. In the example in the picture, the bangle on the upper arm matches the bag with metallic shimmer. Apart from the bracelet and two simple anklets, there is no other jewelry to be seen. Here she presents another statement in fashion – nude stilettos go with everything.

Wear bracelets for women on the upper arm

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Staying true to her style, she decorated her simple bangle with neon-green cord for a different outfit, making it harmonious with her outfit. With attention to detail, Sazan presents stylish and current outfits without exaggerating. According to this principle, an everyday or office look can be successfully spiced up.

How to wear the bracelets for women – styling tips


There are two options on how to wear a bangle. It lies close to the wrist or is worn closer to the elbow, on the upper arm. You are welcome to wear more of them at the same time. It is important that all parts have common style elements and are in the same color. It is advisable to avoid chains around the neck when wearing arm jewelry.

Bracelets for women – the perfect addition to the chic street look


The bangle for women can work wonderfully as the only piece of jewelry in the ensemble. A ring in the same style and maybe which little ear studs will only complement the successful look. It doesn’t have to be more, however. Gold accents come into their own with the black outfit.

Wear bracelets for women in everyday life

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Bangles will definitely give the boring everyday outfit a fresh touch. Note that the top should have short sleeves or no sleeves at all, so that the bracelet sits well on the upper arm. Most models can be bent with light pressure and reshaped a bit tighter or looser. Deform the piece of jewelery individually, but at the same time not very narrow or wide.

Boho chic with bangles for women 


In the Boho style, several similar pieces are usually worn together. The rule ‘more is really more’ applies and you can experiment a lot. In this case, clothing should be economical in color and decorative elements. The old gold look or copper goes well with this winding style. Put accents on your hands and decorate them with rings and bracelets, leaving your neck free.

Bracelets for women with decorative elements


Other decorative elements, such as additional chains and pendants tied to the bracelets, or decorations such as incorporated stones, ornaments and the like, are characteristic of the ethnic and bohemian style. These go wonderfully with summer and matching dresses and skirts with an airy cut and made of flowing fabric. When choosing the metal, the skin tone, as well as of course the predominant nuance of the outfit.

Solid bangle for women with patina effects


Wide bracelets with decorative elements or with mineral stones are reminiscent of those of former warriors. The maxi dresses and airy cuts typical of midsummer go well with the warrior look. These accessories are also wearable for casual outfits with jeans. Structures and engravings combine with lavishly decorated fabrics with the latest ethnic motifs.

Bracelet for women with mineral stones

bracelets-ladies-jewelry-gold-natural stone-minerals-boho

The bracelets for women look really beautiful in combination with metal and stones. Sparkling details attract attention and are a sophisticated way to showcase your slim and delicate feminine wrists. You must combine the color of the stone with the parts of the outfit so that the overall picture looks really harmonious.

Make bracelets for women yourself – instructions


A bangle can also be designed by yourself without any problems. As a base you can either use an old, simple bracelet made of metal or round earrings that are large enough to feed the wrist through. Jewelry pliers and all-purpose glue are still needed here. It is advisable to test the glue on the metal on a corner before doing handicraft work to ensure that the two work well together.

Make bracelets for women out of earrings


To decorate the bangle, two decorative elements made from unused ear studs are used here. These are made of the same material as the earrings and are also colored in gold. Here you only have to remove the part that is inserted into the ear hole. Then fix the decorative elements on both sides of the circle and leave them aside until the glue dries out completely.

Recycle unused costume jewelry – Tinker bracelets for women


Glue decorative elements with glitter


Create costume jewelry yourself – Bracelets for women

Bracelets-ladies-gold-jewelry-make-yourself - geometric

Make vintage bangles for women yourself – instructions


For the second creative idea of ​​how to make a bangle yourself, you need a piece of nice, wide lace. According to the diameter of your own wrist, a roller blind is made out of cardboard and packed with foil to keep it fresh. The roller blind will serve as a model for the actual wrist. You can also use water-based glue, or wood glue, as well as spray paint if you like.

Make your own bracelets for women – materials required


Cut a sufficient length of lace and sew together to form a tunnel the size of your wrist. Tie it around the prepared roller blind and apply glue to it. Leave to dry overnight, the next day the tip is hardened and you can design it in any color.

One of the best Make bracelets for women yourself


Make your own bracelets for women – three simple steps


Let the product dry overnight


Dye bracelets for women with old gold spray paint


* Instructions for “Make your own bangle out of old costume jewelry” by Style caster 

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