Boho jewelry in trend – 5 beautiful pieces of jewelry in bohemian style

Boho jewelry gold necklace bracelets romantic lace dresses

The boho style (also known as “gypsy style”, “hippie chic” or “boho chic”) has long enjoyed great popularity. The bohemian style is not only a wonderful mixture of different cultures, but also the amalgamation of different iconic fashion epochs. This style is so popular because it gives us the feeling of summer and fun, lightness and freedom. There are many different ways to implement the trendy trend and the simplest is through gorgeous boho jewelry. Today we are showing you a selection of unique pieces of jewelry in Boho style that will inspire you.

Boho jewelry in gold

Boho jewelry gold long necklaces with statement pendants

These two necklaces from the Coachella Fairtrade collection from the Swiss jewelry brand Auryn Jewels are a great addition to any boho outfit. The “Deborah” necklace consists of a filigree gold chain and a leaf pendant in an exciting ethnic design. The “Jasmin” necklace, on the other hand, is characterized by a timelessly elegant, straightforward look. For additional glamor, you can combine the necklaces with the beautiful “Jasmin” earrings. With their elegant diamond shape, these are ideal for both pendants.

Chains layering in boho style gold chains feathers and turquoise

Incidentally, chain layering allows you to create new looks over and over again. To get a nice effect, combine at least three chains of different lengths. You should also leave a little space between the individual layers so that each piece of jewelry can develop its effect. The “Jasmin” and “Deborah” necklaces, for example, have a unit length of 70 cm in total. You can use this as a guide for chain layering.

Boho ethnic jewelry gold matching wedding

For the authentic Bohémian look, of course, a bracelet in Boho style should not be missing. The “Mila”, “Alice” and “Sara” bangles from the Coachella Fairtrade Premium Line look particularly feminine and flatter any boho outfit. These look especially pretty on tanned skin in summer. Combine these beautiful pieces of jewelry with a flowery maxi dress, strappy sandals and a leather waist belt. Another option for a casual and chic look is to combine it with a white lace top and high-waisted shorts.

Boho jewelry for wedding

Boho jewelry beach wedding upper bracelet upper arm bangle floral wreath

More and more brides these days are opting for a boho style wedding as well as a beach wedding. Like the wedding dress, bouquet and hairstyle should also be Jewellery be coordinated with the wedding theme. Golden upper bracelets and anklets provide a portion of playful femininity and look filigree and elegant. A fresh wreath of flowers as a headdress also goes perfectly with the casual hippie style.

Boho jewelry knuckle rings knuckle rings

Almost every year since 1999, Indio, California has hosted this famous music festival: Coachella. Over the years it has become a real style of clothing and jewelry. This can also be described as boho chic – a mix of hippie, gypsy, ethnic and modern. The theme is youth and freedom.

Knuckle rings are perfect to complete your festival look. Just as you combine many different necklaces, for example, you can also style several rings on one hand.

Boho jewelry in silver

Boho jewelry high quality sterling silver earrings bangle rose quartz gemstone

Gold can be combined very well with all the colors of the Boho color palette. Hence, it is always a good idea to incorporate some gold colored accessories into your boho outfits. But not everyone suits the warm material. If you prefer silver, then the dreamlike boho jewelery “Confidence” from the Auryn Jewels Fairtrade collection “Bohemian Love” would be the right thing for you. The jewelry collection includes handcrafted pieces made of 925 sterling silver such as earrings, rings and bangles. The highlight are extravagant gemstones such as rose quartz, moonstone or prehnite. Take a look at the entire collection and discover your new favorite pieces of jewelry for an impeccable boho outfit!

Gemstone Boho Jewelry in Silver Ring Earring Wedding

Boho jewelry silver and moonstone high quality wedding