A Practical Guide To Ring Sizes – Which Are The Most Common?

The right Ring size choosing is a delicate matter. Because often a ring gift should be a surprise and if the ring doesn’t fit perfectly, it can spoil an otherwise magical moment a little. What can you do?, if the ring does not fit well, we will tell you about ring sizes in this article.

How experts determine the ring size

Determine the ring size and measure the circumference of the finger

There are several methods of correctly measuring ring size. For example, you can see a professional, which determines your size with special measuring rings. Try different sizes, leave the ring on your finger for a while, and give yourself time to weigh your options. You will be much more confident in your choice. In doing so, you can also see how good the ring is slides over your knuckles. Especially if you have larger ankles, it is important that you choose a ring that is easy to clip on without being too loose. We advise you to choose your ring size if possible to be measured more often, as the ring size can vary a little depending on the time of day and temperature.

How to secretly determine the correct ring size

What ring sizes are there and what do they mean

The easiest way is to have the ring size determined directly by a specialist. However, if you have a ring as a gift buy or maybe even after one Engagement ring there are other options.

Ideally, bring a ring that you know will be sits well. It is important to take into account that the ring is on the same finger worn like the one you want to give away. In the case of an engagement ring, this is usually the Ring finger of the left hand. If there’s just a short time you can “steal” a ring, the easiest thing to do is to do that Inside diameter with a ruler to eat. If you can kidnap the ring for longer, it is best to take it to a jeweler who can match the size with one Ring mandrel can determine exactly.

How to Measure Ring Size for Engagement Ring

However, if you are completely on your own without rings, then try to come up with a clever excuse to encircle the circumference of your finger with one piece line, paper or even floss to measure. Also take into account the size of the knuckles so that the ring fits perfectly at the end. If you like more detailed information to determine the size of rings, the KLENOTA jewelry studio has a detailed one items on their website for you.

The most common ring sizes in men and women

what ring sizes are the most common in men and women

Ring sizes are generally determined according to Inner diameter or the inner circumference of the ring specified. The latter is the circumference of the finger (also EU size called). at Wedding rings (worn on the left ring finger) are the most common sizes 52 and 53 in women and 59 to 61 in men.

In Great Britain ring sizes are indicated in the letters E to U. The most common size of women is here M., while men most often T wear. In the US, a numerical scale based on finger thickness is used: women most often wear the size 6th and men one size off 9. Wear based on the same scale Women in asia most often a ring the size 4-5 and the most common sizes in men are 7-8.

And if you haven’t chosen the right size?

Find out the ring size at a jeweler

Don’t worry if you don’t decide on the right size. Just take the ring to a jeweler who the size of the ring as needed adjust can. Most jewelers will be able to do this, however it is best to ask again in advance – Especially when the ring is custom-made, it is worth playing it safe. This is how you stick with every ring purchase calm and relaxed.

Custom production of the ring at the jeweler

We hope our article has been helpful. Now you should be able to, determine the correct size of a ring. So nothing stands in the way of you to find the right ring! Also read our article on the latest engagement ring trends.