100 trendy rings for 2014 – the best jewelry in summer!

Rings Bracelets buy women design ideas

Rings have become very popular lately. Oversized statement pieces of jewelry or elegant small gold rings – anything is allowed. All the more so – at first glance, accessories that do not match each other are often worn according to the motto – eclectic is beautiful. We give you an overview of the latest trends and show you 100 trendy rings for 2014 from Farfetch.

Trendy rings for 2014 – stones, stones, stones

Topaz amethyst blue green women's jewelry 2014

Rings with stones are all the rage – whether they are decorated with precious stones or rhinestones depends more on the taste. The most important thing is the stone size and color – and this summer they say – the more striking, the better! Stones with an irregular shape, with an attractive bright color / grass green, turquoise blue / or with a perfect cut give the piece of jewelery individuality and flair. And if you don’t like to experiment, you can opt for a ring with several smaller stones instead. In the photo gallery below you will find many variants for trendy rings for 2014 with different gemstones.

Trendy rings for 2014 – original concepts for fashion-conscious women

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And fashion-conscious women can opt for more striking and original concepts and decorate their hands with apples, skulls or tigers. But you shouldn’t exaggerate this – such a ring is worn alone on the hand.

As far as the choice of materials is concerned, a certain amount of freedom is allowed when combining – gold rings and metal rings can even be worn on top of each other this year. Above all, there is only one thing that is important – that the pieces of jewelry match the clothes. And if you are wondering whether trendy rings for 2014 can be combined with necklaces or bracelets – the answer is more likely no. The oversized accessories attract attention – that’s why other pieces of jewelry should be used sparingly.

Jewelry set – bracelet and gold ring

2014 Trends Ring Bracelet Set Combine

Ethnic chic – ring with a design that is inspired by Africa

Ring blue metal summer jewelry trends

Stylish and elegant – ring with rhinestones in summer colors

Trend colors summer green pink women accessories

For fashion-conscious women – rock’n’roll style ring

Sting gemstones marine blue bright purple amethyst

Gold ring with pearls and floral motifs

Pearl flowers design ideas women jewelry

Trendy rings for 2014

Rhinestones zirconia modern design pieces of jewelry

Striking and modern – color combination that attracts attention

Rhinestones blue red yellow modern design

Nice gift idea for a birthday

Ladies fine jewelry diamonds gemstones gift ideas ladies

Gold ring with blue gemstones

blue rhinestones four rows of jewelry

Rose gold ring with vintage motifs

attractive frame fashion accessories trends 2014

Gold rings women's jewelry trends 2014 pieces of jewelry

Rings solid zirconia white gift ideas women

Ring fine jewelry design ideas

purple black gold details beautiful jewelry

original shape gemstone jewelry black white zirconia

2014 trends snake shape rhinestones gold setting

Designer Rings Trends 2014 Animals Bird Diamonds

Stones old pink yellow wine red beautiful setting

modern frame black rhinestones attractive design

Shape diamonds fine jewelry engagement ring

Metal ring sting black stones extravagant

vintage round stone topaz small zirconia

Design ladies gift ideas women under 40

modern ornaments beautiful design ideas accessories

Ancient Greek Findings Inspired Design Ideas 2014

Rhinestones beautiful jewelry design ideas

Gemstones zirconia small rhinestones modern setting

Rhinestones silver jewelry women accessories

Rings gemstones creatively mix ideas

Gemstones trinkets modern stylish designer 2014

blue green gemstones glitter ornaments setting gold

Ladies zirconia stones beautiful accessories trends 2014

Women's jewelry trends 2014 black zirconia

Ring fashion accessories women ideas

Jewelry rings stones glitter white zirconia

Ladies ring round stone without setting cool idea

Jewelery ring metal setting rhinestones zirconia

 Jewelery rhinestones of different sizes

Rings rose gold cognac quartz stones

Rings 2014 Trends Smoky quartz fine cut

black dark blue metal frame modern design

Jewelry rings gemstones attractive modern stylish

Jewelery vintage design ideas trends 2014

rose gold stylish modern three parts accessories

Rings accessories tastefully combine ideas

Accessories trendy rings 2014 fashion

Design trendy trinkets black trinket

Ring women jewelry accessories summer fashion

Jewelery gold dusky pink Kehlibar gemstones

Rings gold gemstones fine cut modern design

2014 jewelry fashion ladies rhinestones

Jewelery crown men's rings fashion trends 2014

Jewelry metal sapphire gemstones beautiful design

Skull red stones men rings gift ideas

Skull ring men's bling bling extravagant

Skull rhinestones men gift ideas

Design ideas rings men women cool gift ideas

Designer ideas trinkets modern design

Gemstones Ring Jewelery Ruby 2014 Trends Men

green gold setting beautiful rings ideas designs

Ring men jewelry animal motifs

Stone setting green color rhinestones

modern design beautiful figure woman face

pink stone long modern color trendy design

Diamonds beautiful jewelry cool idea

Ladies blue ornaments beautiful details ideas

Rhinestones modern design women jewelry accessories

Rhinestones dark metal color men's rings

Braid rings women’s designer jewelry

Metal color men's jewelry ideas trends 2014

trendy rings design ideas orange stones

Rings gold design ideas anchor rhinestones

Ring tree leaf design ideas rhinestones

Pearls Diamonds Sapphires Gemstones Gold Setting

Jewelry 2014 trends silver ring women's jewelry online rhinestones

Skull silver made Gothic inspired

Skull jewelry men fashion 2014 design ideas

Engagement ring metal setting modern design

Gold zebra stripes original design modern

Ring noble design trends 2014 jewelry summer

Ring women pearl diamonds pink gemstones

Gemstone vintage look design ideas

Stone fine cut, metal setting, gold details

Trinkets green gemstones azure color

Jewelery accessories 2014 summer trend

Rose Form fashion accessories metal 2014

small zirconia stones white black metal

Metal ladies cool idea rock n roll look

Gold gemstones finely cut gift ideas women

Artificial pearls beautiful designer jewelry pieces silver design

white rhinestones trendy colors modern design

Form gemstones red white zirconia noble setting rose gold

Accessories white light blue blue zirconia stones

black stones women accessories ideas trinkets

High gloss polished noble surface modern design

Jewelery noble, original shape, beautiful design

Silberring women fashion accessories 2014