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Wooden sliding door systems and modular furniture create Zen aesthetics in Taiwanese homes

Sliding door systems modular furniture children's room

A modern, spacious single-family apartment in Taiwan presents a new living concept: sliding door systems made of wood and modular furniture connect and separate the individual areas from one another at the same time. In this way, the residents are guaranteed a certain degree of flexibility in the room design on a daily basis. The living space can always be redesigned according to personal needs. The Hao Design project is not only extremely practical, but also stylish. Wood, stone and metal create a relaxed atmosphere. The modern Zen aesthetic presents an exciting mix of traditional furnishing principles and contemporary industrial loft character.

Sliding door systems made of wood divide the living area

Furnish the living room in a puristic way. Create a zen atmosphere

The single-family apartment is the new home of a family of four. Two little girls and their parents will live in 180 square meters of living space. Each family member not only has their own preferences and wishes, but also needs. The father loves a calming Zen atmosphere, the mother prefers modern loft facilities. The older daughter is a living child who is constantly on the move. The younger daughter, on the other hand, is more reserved and only needs space for herself.

Wooden sliding door systems to separate children's rooms

With the ulterior motive of a comfortable living area, the designers tore up several walls in the apartment. Instead, the various areas are now visually separated from each other by sliding doors. When closed, the doors bring variety into the interior thanks to their different colors. They also separate the children’s room, a walk-in closet with adjoining bathroom and a guest room from the living room.

Sliding door systems made of wood modular partitions apartment

When opened, the boundaries between the different zones merge and the residents can enjoy open space planning with their guests. The uniform color scheme helps to seamlessly connect the individual areas, which are divided into a comfortable seat, a play room with an adjoining reading room, a dining area and a kitchen island, depending on their function. Neutral colors create a visual connection.

Furnishing a modern apartment Wooden sliding door systems screen guest rooms

A metal screen separates the living area from the comfortable hallway in the loft apartment.

Sliding door systems made of wood and modular furniture in the children’s room

Children's rooms design practical sliding door systems made of wood and modular furniture

Wooden sliding door systems also create excitement in children’s rooms. The guest room, which also serves as a play area during the day, is not separated from the children’s room by a wall, but by a peculiar walk-in closet on two levels. On the floor level, each girl has her own wardrobe. Several drawers house the children’s toys.

Children play large wardrobe with sliding door systems made of wood

Even more storage space is provided on the higher level. It also serves as a children’s house where the girls can play hide and seek. If desired, the doors can be pushed back and forth so that the two rooms are either partially or completely connected to each other.

Children's climbing wall wardrobe sliding door systems made of wood

On the other side of the guest room, the architects have installed another wardrobe – this time for the adults. Its handleless fronts allow it to fade into the background.

Organize children's playroom Make living room yourself

When the grandparents are not visiting, the guest room is used as a play room.

Set up children's room drawers flooring wood play house sliding door systems made of wood

The light-flooded play area is generously proportioned – as are all the rooms in the apartment, by the way.

Sliding door systems made of wood. Wardrobe. Playroom. Children's room

The color scheme in the nursery and play room is pink and blue. The pastel colors create a cozy ambience and spice up the otherwise simple, neutral color palette.

Closet bookcases to store toys

Sliding door systems made of wood Children's rooms create ideas

Children's room beanbag pouf knit

An ombre wall in sky blue serves as an accent. The beds with upholstered headboards promise the highest level of sitting and lying comfort.

two beds nursery ombre wall blue bedside table

Wall shelf modern practical design books toddlers

In the adjoining reading room there is a large desk with two chairs and a bench. A large bookshelf system with drawers houses the growing collection of children’s books.

Dining room long dining table writing tips

Not only the children are allowed to paint, read and play there. Parents can also look forward to the comfortable reading corner – after all, you are a scientist.

Dining room wall shelf system children wood blue drawers

Wall shelf desk living room design ideas

Sliding door systems made of wood make living rooms modern

Otherwise, the living room is modern. From the seating area with a low sofa and rustic wooden tables, to the dining area with furniture made of recycled wood, to the marble kitchen island with pendant lights made of brass – the living area is simple, but super chic. In terms of materials and manufacturing, nothing was spared in order to create a comfortable and luxurious ambience.

Kitchen storage space island marble wall shelves pendant lights

Wooden door metal door handle industrial style wardrobe living room

Set up dining area in a minimalist way. Zen aesthetics

Dining room tree trunk plate chairs purist rustic furnishing

Dining area wall shelves built-in dining table 6 people

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Bedroom sliding door systems made of wood bathroom

Bedroom bathroom glass door parents separate

Bedroom glass doors with wooden frames set up puristically

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Living room sliding door systems made of wood. Separate bathroom, guest room

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Round carpet living room wooden chair two coffee tables

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