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Wooden shelf as a room divider – a functional & decorative idea

wooden shelf as a room divider white-design-decorative-lounge

Room dividers are a great alternative to delimit different areas without interrupting the open living style. Nowadays, a wide variety of room dividers are used, including fireplaces, half-height walls, counters or shelves. The designers at MENICHETTI + CALDARELLI have come up with a particularly modern idea for the Italian house that we would like to introduce to you in a moment. It’s an attractive one Wooden shelf as a room divider, which is white in color, but at the same time is adorned with metal details.

Wooden shelf as a room divider and railing

Wooden shelf as a room divider oversized design open living area sofa

The wooden shelf as a room divider is located in the living room and separates the cozy lounge with a modern corner sofa from another seating area, which can also be used for relaxing, but also for reading. There is another, smaller bookcase in this area. Together with the room divider, both form a kind of corridor between the lounge and reading area, which receives a lot of light from the open shelf design.

Wooden shelf as a room divider in the living room

Wood shelf as a room divider living room-design-chair-upholstery-floor lamp

The wooden shelf as a room divider is not the only variant that is used in this house to divide different areas. In addition, there is a metal fireplace, which is connected to a unique ceiling design. In addition to its useful property, this also gives the fireplace a decorative one. Another attractive room divider can be found by the stairs. There a glass wall forms the stairwell and offers a clear view of the modern staircase design.

White wood

wood shelf as a room divider metal details books

The wooden shelf as a room divider, as well as the other variants for room dividers, are not the only elements that impress in this modern interior. An attractive kitchen design, as well as the wooden dining table, the wall design in the bedroom and the patchwork design in the bathroom successfully upgrade the interior and guarantee the best living comfort with a wow factor.

Decoration made of metal

wood-shelf-room divider-fireplace-metal-brass-decoration-ceiling

Simple living room

wood-shelf-room divider-room-design-furniture-contemporary

Lounge with modern sofa

wood-shelf-room divider-lounge-seating-window-italy-living

Light wood stairs


Staircase with a glass wall

wood-shelf-room divider-staircase-glass partition wall

Wooden steps with a floating effect

wood-shelf-room divider-wall-design-white-minimalism-inspiration

Glass and metal railings


Minimalist kitchen design

wood-shelf-room divider-kitchen-kitchen-island-bright-modern-lamps

Wood table

wood-shelf-room divider-dining area-plain-work area-desk

Dining area facility

wood-shelf-room divider-dining-table-minimalist-abitazione-mm

Built-in wooden wardrobe

wood-shelf-room-divider-dining-room-furniture-chairs-black-built-in cupboard

Open living area with decorative elements

Wood-shelf-room divider-living area-idea-stylish-interior

Gray accents in the bedroom

wood-shelf-room divider-bedroom-idea-gray-nuances-white-bed

Wooden shelf as a room divider – shower made of frosted glass


White bathroom interior