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Wood – flooring in different types


The solid parquet is one of the most expensive types of coatings. It is sold painted and untreated. In the second case, it is assumed that the varnish will be applied after laying. Suppliers offer solid wood, made from “local” trees, as well as exotic options. Other well-known names, such as walnut and mahogany, also belong to the expensive woods category.

Wood – flooring – solid parquet floor with decoration in the bedroom

solid parquet floor decoration bedroom

Solid parquet as a wood flooring is made from ash, oak, larch, beech and other trees. The cost of solid parquet is in the range of about $ 600 to $ 6,000, depending on the type of wood, quality, and workmanship. It is very effective, comfortable, environmentally friendly material and looks very impressive in the interior. In addition, the wood offers ecological cleanliness of the apartment, because it is natural in the composition. The disadvantages of solid wood planks include the relative softness of the board (i.e. susceptibility to failure) and a high price.

lacquered dark solid parquet floor – Wood – flooring


If the length of the wooden board is less than a meter long and 10 cm wide, this is called parquet. Solid wood floorboards are usually cheaper. The parquet looks very nice and comfortable and has typical properties of solid wood. In addition, the parquet offers Wood – flooring even more scope for design ideas. In particular, the parquet offers a variety of patterns and mosaics, but is difficult to clean. The cost of the parquet is from 1000 to 5000 dollars per m2.

Parquet floor

parquet floor-wood flooring

That Laminate is a natural one Wood – flooring, even if the top layer is made of synthetic materials. Laminate flooring is a recycled pressed wood board with good wear resistance. Laminate is considered to be the permanent wood flooring. Laminate flooring has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years, is widely available in the market and is in good demand. Its coverage usually mimics the natural texture of the material: parquet or solid wood, and sometimes marble or other decorative stone floors. Colored laminate has also recently been developed, which has expanded the choice of additional colors and patterns. The disadvantage of laminate floors is that, according to experts, an electrostatic field can create in the room. However, experts believe that it can be done if the cover was not bought in the market and does not have a certificate of conformity.

living room-dark-laminate-floor

colored parquet floor

colored parquet floor

Solid parquet – dark wooden floor

solid parquet-dark-wood floor

authentic atmosphere with parquet floor


Parquet floor – square pattern


parquet floor study

living room parquet floor

dark solid parquet in the kitchen

    dark-solid parquet-kitchen

Living room with solid parquet – dark 

living room-solid parquet-dark

Hallway with light flooring – laminate


living room-laminate-flooring-bright