Interior design

Wood cladding in the house for the ceiling and floor for a warm ambience

wood cladding in the house ceiling-warm-ambience-sliding-window-interior-design

This small house is located in Japan and was designed by Fujiwaramuro Architects. One of the special features of the house is that Wood paneling in the house, but it also adorns the facade. Another eye-catcher is the minimalist planting of the garden, as well as the round terrace, the shape of which extends through the house and is characterized there by different floor colors. If you would like to see the interesting house including the warm interior, you can do so in the following gallery.

Wood paneling in the house and modern furnishings

wood cladding in the house modern-furnishing-round-walls-ceiling-design

The homeowners are a young, married couple who loved the garden above all else. For this reason, an outdoor design was sought that would allow the couple to fully enjoy the garden. This is how the round terrace was created, in which several small beds were also embedded. The entrance with lawn in the grid pattern, which was designed from many rectangular lawns, is also extremely interesting. A slightly curved garden path made of stepping stones leads to the entrance area of ​​the house with wooden paneling.

Wood flooring and wood paneling in the house

Wood paneling in the house seating area-column-sofa-shelf-carpet-white-squares-colored

The house also impresses with the attractive wooden paneling in the house. It consists of wall cladding, cladding for the ceiling, but also a wooden floor in two colors. While the light color continues the circular shape of the terrace, the rest of the floor is covered with dark wood. All modern furniture is made of wood with the exception of the kitchen, for which stainless steel was chosen as the material. All in all, the house is characterized by simple furnishings made up of just a few pieces of furniture.

Living room wall made of wood

wooden cladding in the house floor-design-light-path-dark

Clad the wall with wood

wood cladding-house-corridor-dining area-bench-japan-house

House with open living spaces

wood cladding-house-dining-table-pendant-lights-light-wood-dark-simple-furnishing

Modern, simple furnishings

wood cladding-house-lighting-interior-living room-wall-apricot-wall paint

Half wall made of wood for the kitchen

wood cladding-house-parquet-laminate-open-living-rooms-wall-pictures-deco

Steel kitchen

wood-cladding-in-the-house-kitchen-idea-wood-design-steel-splash protection

Wood cladding inside and outside

wood cladding-house-mukainada-city-house-urban-living

Wooden facade

wood cladding-house-terrace-beds-design-idea-window

Garden design idea

wooden cladding-house-entrance-stepping stones-garden path-minimalist

Garden path made of stepping stones

wood cladding-house-bungalow-pebble-lawn-squares-ide-original-house facade

Small size house

wood cladding-house-living room-patio-door-little-window-outdoor

Gray roof

wooden cladding-house-terrace-idea-geometric-large-window-beds

Small size house

wood cladding-house-planting-grasses-shrubs-facade-wood

House design in Japan

wood cladding-house-minimalist-garden-terrace-round-white-concrete

Cozy bungalow to live in

wood cladding-house-japan-design-round-interior-design-small-house

Terrace with flower beds

wood cladding-house-inspiration-house-design-bridge-round-terrace-floor-plant beds

Nice lighting

wood cladding-house-living-ideas-minimalist-simple-design-exterior

Look into the house

wood cladding-house-fujiwaramuro-architects-architecture-modern-design

Designed by Fujiwaramuro Architects.