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Windows and metal stairs – minimalist house design

window fronts and metal stairs bedroom wood furniture

Today we introduce you to a house with attractive Windows and metal stairs before, which is a great example of how wonderfully a small living space can be used. The outer facades form an area of ​​just 8 × 20 meters. For this reason, the space upstairs was used and a house was designed with three floors. The design for it comes from Budi Pradono Architects and impresses in many ways. The house is supported by stable steel beams, which underline the modern look of the house and give it a sloping look.

Windows and metal stairs – The pool area

window fronts and metal stairs white-parquet-rustic-pool

Among other things, the abstract and rather irregular architecture of the house, which is already noticeable outside, is striking. In addition, there are the already mentioned, large, window fronts and metal stairs that occupy the east, south and north sides of the house and thus, in addition to the bright design, ensure a friendly atmosphere inside. The plants and green spaces that are distributed in the interior also have the same effect. They also ensure naturalness in the otherwise sterile interior.

Minimalist design with window fronts and metal stairs


The three floors are divided into the public and private living areas. In the first there is a large pool, pantry and work area. An attractive staircase made of white lacquered metal leads to the next floor. The second accommodates the large bedroom with its own bathroom, which is 16 square meters and a wardrobe. If you climb further up you get to a lounge area with a breathtaking view. On the same floor of the house with window fronts and metal stairs there is also a guest room.

Modern interior throughout the house

Window fronts-metal-stairs-bar-bench-pool-ladder-open-living area

We have put together some photos of the minimalist house with window fronts and metal stairs for you to get a glimpse of the interior. They are a wonderful source of inspiration when it comes to designing and furnishing your home. The modern house is located in Jakarta, Indonesia, and more precisely in a trendy area called Pondok Indah, which is preferred by many rich and celebrated.

White steel beams

window fronts-metal-stairs-white-wall-paint-study-glass wall-concrete

Concrete wall

window fronts-metal-stairs-pool area-steel girder-modern-ceiling

View of the work area

window fronts-metal-stairs-greenery-interior-plants-garden

Bedroom furnishings

window-fronts-and-metal-stairs-guest room-minimalist-house-design

Modern bathroom

window fronts-metal-stairs-bathroom-free-standing-bathtub-modern-round

Balcony in the bedroom

window fronts-metal-stairs-balcony-wood-tree-roofing

Visually enlarge rooms

window fronts-metal-stairs-view-indonesia-vacation-villa

Original lighting

window fronts-metal-stairs-diagonal-window-idea-indirect-lighting-gloss-floor

Windows and metal stairs – inclined architecture

window fronts-metal-stairs-small-apartment-three-storey-stylish-architecture

Practical use of small living space

Window fronts-metal-stairs-inclination-abstract-architectural-style-white-facade

ground floor

window fronts-metal-stairs-ground floor-pool-design

Second floor

window fronts-metal-stairs-floor plan-second-floor-bedroom-bathroom-terrace

Third floor

window fronts-metal-stairs-third-floor-floor plan-guest room-small-bathroom-lounge

Side view

window fronts-metal-stairs-side-view-house-architecture-inspiration

House design with a slope

window fronts-metal-stairs-optical-inclination-original-design-living space

Metal beams and their angles


Site plan of the property

window fronts-metal-stairs-property-location-plan-river

Design by Budi Pradono Architects.