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White and gray for minimalist living style in a geometric concrete house

concrete house geometric architecture minimalist

The Iranian architect Mohammad Yazdani recently realized his project for a modern single-family house made entirely of concrete. It is characterized by geometric architecture and minimalist interior in white and gray. Despite the reduced use of colors and materials, the interior of the house looks bright and cozy. The focus is mainly on the white tones and there are deliberately no strong color accents. The colors and the furnishings should radiate calm and security.

Concrete house with geometric architecture

concrete house geometric architecture exposed concrete window glass railing

Today, interior architecture and design increasingly use the non-colors black, white and gray. There are countless nuances of these that appear fresh, warm or radiant and white is not always white. Combined with different materials and colors and with different lighting conditions, the white and gray tones have become an indispensable part of modern room design. You should keep an eye on the whole house and develop an overall concept, and not just choose a nice shade of white or gray.

Keep it simple in white and gray

concrete house modern geometric architecture window glass

The modern house is convincing from the outside due to the minimal use of materials, limited mainly to concrete and also to glass, which is visually almost invisible due to its transparency. The idea of ​​simplicity and reduced design is also understandable indoors. “Keep it simple” and “Less is more” are mottos that minimalism obeys. Bright areas, a lot of free space and a few, but lovingly selected pieces of furniture and dark or bold colors at most as accents are characteristic of the Scandinavian and puristic living style. Last but not least, it is due to the color scale. White serves as the basis and is combined with noble and restrained gray or beige tones.

concrete house architecture lighting geometric

The countless shades of white also include the light wood look that is presented in this wonderful minimalist concrete house in the form of flooring or wall shelves for books. As a natural material, wood goes perfectly with the strict shapes and edges. So that there is no rustic country house look, the wooden surfaces are only treated with a light wood glaze. The indirect lighting emits pleasant, warm light that conjures up a cozy atmosphere in the minimalist house.

concrete house architecture terrace concrete glass railing stairs

concrete house terrace glass railing accents yellow

concrete house terrace glass railing view plant bed

concrete house terrace glass railing lawn

White and gray leather sofa minimalist living room

White and gray interior indirect lighting minimalist

White and gray bright modern minimalist kitchen steel

White and gray modern kitchen indirect lighting steel

white gray stairs light wood indirect lighting

white gray light wood stairs wall shelves

white gray interior stairs light wood bookcases

white gray parquet flooring bedroom indirect lighting

white gray bathroom freestanding bathtub indirect lighting window

* a project by Mohammad Yazdani