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Which green as the wall color? – 35 ideas with fresh shades of green

Green, the color of harmony and nature, is ideal for living spaces such as the kitchen or living room, but it also looks good in the home office because it promotes concentration. Green as the wall color come in many colors and shades from light to dark and each of them has a different effect in the room. We’ll show you some great ideas with three of the most popular shades of green in the modern home – olive green, sage green, and mint green.

Which green as the wall color? – Olive green

Green as wall color - ideas-olive-green-living room-pastel-yellow-chairs-metal

Olive green is a color found in nature that evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort. In the Asian tradition, the green color stands for hope and joie de vivre. Olive green is a subdued shade of green that creates a cozy, relaxed ambience in any room. The perfect background for furniture in light colors.

Which green as the wall color? – sage green

Green as the wall color ideas-sage-green-hallway-white-bench

Sage green is a pastel green and suitable for almost every living space. It can look playful, relaxing, sophisticated or funky, depending on the colors with which it is paired. This versatility makes sage green the perfect choice for both traditional and modern style spaces. Sage green walls provide a beautiful backdrop for contrasting furniture and accessories.

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Which green as the wall color? – Mint green

Green as a wall color ideas-mint green-children's room-white-dots-pink-accents

If your walls are already looking boring and you are looking for a fresh shade, mint green is a nice alternative to common neutral colors. This color brings brightness into the room and has a relaxed and subtle look. The mint green wall color goes well with furniture and home accessories in pink, white and yellow.

Which green for the living room? Wall color moss green

Paint the wall color moss green in the living room as an accent wall and combine it with gold and dark brown

Moss green is a dark green shade that creates a feeling of security. The wall paint relaxes the eyes and promotes concentration. It is perfect for the home office, the dining room or as an accent in the living room. Dark brown and cream are perfect combination partners. So that the room does not appear gloomy, set accents with decorative bowls in copper or gold and vases made of smoked glass. Table lamps and plant pots in soft cream or off-white nuances can also provide variety. Picture galleries also come into their own on the dark wall, as the color draws the eye directly to the pictures.

The wall color moss green RAL 6005 at a glance:

1. Suitable as an accent color in the dining room, home office. Illuminated wall in moss green in the living room is a real eye catcher.

2. Combinations: The shade can be combined with RAL 7008 khaki gray, RAL 6021 pale green and RAL 6025 fern green.

Combine wall color moss green: Example of a color palette in natural nuances

Wall color moss green combine color palette for gray nuances

Picture gallery on the wall in moss green

Wall color moss green in the dining room in retro style Ideas for wall design with RAL 6005

Illuminated accent wall in moss green in the living room

Combine the wall color moss green in the living room with the illuminated accent wall with cream and white

Forest green wall paint for the bedroom

Forest green as a wall color for bedroom modern wall design ideas and color combinations with gray

Forest green is reminiscent of a walk in summer, where the green color can be seen in many shades. The color itself has no RAL number and every manufacturer interprets it differently. That’s why you can find different nuances in stores that vary from strong leaf and grass green to subtle patina green. It is therefore recommended that you make a careful note of the mix of colors when you buy and that you write down the manufacturer number for the color in case you want to touch up individual areas later. The subtle colors in combination with light gray RAL 7035 and cream white RAL 9001 create harmony. Strong matt nuances such as fir green can also be combined with honey yellow RAL 1005 and golden yellow RAL 1004. The forest green wall paint is ideal for the bedroom, as it has a calming effect and can relax the senses after a long and stressful day.

Forest green wall paint: A color palette that is cheerful and inviting

Forest green wall paint combine with yellow and cream and camel and black color palette at a glance

Forest green wall paint for the bedroom: the matt shade exudes calm

Combine forest green wall color in the bedroom with cream and gold

Which green for the wall? Lime green wall paint

Lime green wall paint for the living room in a retro style

The color lime green, like forest green, has many facets. The basic tone is a bright green shade that enlivens and brings a spring mood into the room. A room flooded with light is required so that lime green can unfold its full effect. The south-facing living room is best. Since it tires the eyes after a while, it is only suitable for sleeping areas to a limited extent. But you can paint a wall in the kitchen or living room in the accent color. The color tone gives the interior character and creates a harmonious ensemble together with snow white, off-white and cream. Furniture made of light oak, larch or teak adds a homely touch. Home accessories in gold or vases made of brown smoked glass effectively round off the modern color palette.

Light lime green: subtle wall color

Lime green wall paint combine ideas with dark blue and black and cream and nude for living rooms

Light lime green differs significantly from lime green. It’s a nuance that seems restrained. It is more intense than mint green, but still looks filigree, gentle and subtle. Ideal color partners are nude nuances such as cream and ivory. Black creates attractive contrasts and white is the perfect background color that makes the light lime green shine. In contrast to the lime green, the lighting of the room does not play a major role in a successful end result. Light lime green is perfect as an accent color in large living areas, for example on the wall behind the couch, and can loosen up the strict, purist look of minimalist furnishings.

Light lime green for the living room

Light lime green wall color in the living room and its effect together with white and gray

Which green as the wall color? Jade green gives the room character

Combine jade green wall color with pink and light laminate flooring ideas for wall color in the children's room

The soft trend color jade green relaxes the eyes and ensures visual calm in the room. The shade exudes sophistication and is perfect for use in eclectic interiors. The light green shade effectively combines contemporary furniture with vintage accessories. If you want to bring a fresh touch to the apartment in an old building, then the jade green is the perfect choice. So that the room does not appear cool, set accents with colors from the powder palette such as pink or apricot. Ice blue gives the living area freshness and harmonizes perfectly with the jade green wall color. Those who are keen to experiment can dare a combination with emerald green. Matched, tone-on-tone ensembles are also possible, but here you need a sure instinct to use the colors appropriately in the room. However, niches and corners in particular come into their own with a green color palette. Matching: furniture and floorboards made of light wood give the interior a homely touch. The jade green nuance can also be beautifully staged together with living accessories in copper colors.

Design the kitchen in jade green and spice it up with emerald green accents

Jade green wall paint in kitchen-living room in Scandinavian style Ideas for wall design in green

Apple green wall paint: a touch of freshness for the home

Apple green wall paint in the living room in cream and nude nuances ideas for combinations

The bright apple green wall paint brings a touch of freshness to the room. It is suitable for everyone who appreciates a neutral color palette, but at the same time wants more flair. Light nuances such as oak, ash, cream white and white ground the color tone, black creates exciting contrasts and gives the room character. Apple green is also ideal for tone-on-tone furnishings that use several nuances from the same color family. In any case, beginners should keep their hands off it, because cleverly combining several shades of green is an art in itself.

Apple green is also a popular color for retro-style furnishings. It is mainly used as the basic tone for ombre walls, often not only the wall but also the furniture – for example the kitchen cabinets – is painted in the same color.

Apple green wall color: tone-on-tone color palette

Apple green wall paint combine possible color palette with other green nuances

Retro touch with ombre wall in apple green and cherry wood furniture

Paint apple green as the wall color ombre wall and combine it with brown and wood

Sage green, olive green and mint green – very different shades of green

Green as a wall color ideas-sage green-mint green-olive green

Combine olive green with wooden furniture and yellow accessories


Olive green also goes well with brown


Olive green wall in the living room

green-wall-color-ideas-olive-living room-pictures-black-frames

Olive green walls and light wood dining table

Green as a wall color ideas-olive-green-winter garden-dining area-wood-dining table-wall mirror-optical-enlargement

olive green wall and furniture with walnut decor

green-wall-color-ideas-olive-living room-fireplace-wood-sideboard

perfect background for beige upholstered furniture

green-wall-color-ideas-olive-living room-combination-yellow-beige-armchair

Living room in earth colors

green-wall-color-ideas-olive-living room-leather-armchair-brown-plank floor

olive green accent wall in the bedroom


Olive green wall in the youth room


Olive green promotes concentration in the home office

green-wall-color-ideas-olive-accent-wall-home-office-wooden floor


Pastel green with a warm undertone

Green as wall color - ideas-sage-green-home office-white-furniture-purple-curtains

green-wall-color-ideas-sage-green-dining-room-white-chairs-plates-wall decoration



green-wall-color-ideas-sage-green-dark-bedroom-upholstered bed-gray



green-wall-paint-ideas-sage-green-living room-rustic-flair-carpet-natural fibers

green-wall-color-ideas-sage-green-living room-wood-armchair-dark-plank-floor

green-wall-color-ideas-sage-green-living room-combination-pastel yellow-stripes

green-wall-color-ideas-light-green-youth-room-saddle-roof-white-bed frame

Mint green

green-wall-color-ideas-mint-green-living room-maritime-flair-rattan-furniture

Green as wall color ideas-sage green-mint green-combination-yellow-sofa-living room

green-wall-paint-ideas-mint-green-white-picture strips-vintage-deco