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Which floor suits my furnishing style?

which floor modern-furnishing-style-living room

You have already found your preferred furnishing style, but you are still unsure which flooring would round off the overall picture? We give an overview of the most popular furnishing styles and the matching floors. Inspired by an article by casando magazine to find the right floor. According to the living style, it can convey a country house charm, shine in a minimalist look, look inviting in the Scandinavian style, or look splendid in the colonial style.

Which floor for country style – natural cosiness

which floor country-style-bedroom-furnishing-ideas

The country house style is popular as it stands for rural cosiness. Floral patterns, natural materials and a touch of garden in the living room – this is what the country house style stands for. Country-style furniture is usually made of solid wood and signs of wear, a used look and shabby chic make your living space look homely. So that it doesn’t get too rustic, the country house style relies on light colors in pastel tones and natural colors. Matching accessories are part of every country house style interior, fresh flowers and twigs, porcelain with floral patterns or decorative items made of zinc or copper are real eye-catchers.

Since the country house style relies on natural materials, it looks like a piece if you continue to pursue this concept with the floor. The country house style can therefore best be combined with real wood floors. Solid wood floorboards in particular develop their effect here. In order to maintain the natural look of the floor, we recommend planks made of oak, pine, spruce or pine – oiled or waxed.

If you are building or renovating and want to furnish your house in a country house style, the right door frames can complement the country house feeling. The so-called karnie edge on the frame fits perfectly with country house doors. Previously used as a design element in old buildings in particular, it can also be used as a conscious design element in the country house style.

Which floor for Scandinavian minimalism?

which floor scandinavian-style living room

The Scandinavian furnishing style has been experiencing a real boom for several years. Light wood, friendly colors, natural shapes and a minimalist design make up this furnishing trend. Scandinavian furniture designs usually impress with their simplicity, as well as clear shapes and structures. Special emphasis is also placed on the functionality of a piece of furniture, because it should not only look pretty, but above all be practical and thus offer its owner real added value. Light wood from spruce, birch or pine is the predominant material in Scandinavian furniture, which ensures comfort. Light furniture is complemented by fabrics and accessories in friendly colors. In addition to plain fabrics in clear colors, graphic patterns and motifs from nature are popular design elements in Scandinavian furnishing styles.

Natural wooden floors, if possible, also go best with this furnishing style. Whether oiled solid wood planks or parquet – the main thing is light wood. Oiled and brushed oak in natural or gray tones goes perfectly with the light furniture and can be complemented by carpets or rugs in stronger colors.

The door frames should also continue the clear shapes of the furniture in the Scandinavian style, which is why the classic corner edge is particularly recommended for doors and frames, after all, this style of furnishing has no flourishes and decorations.

Puristic – focused on the essentials

which floor puristic-living-style-ideas-tips

Clear lines and simple design determine the puristic furnishing style. This minimalist facility is particularly effective in large lofts. The purism gets by without a lot of decoration and concentrates on the essentials, it focuses on the furniture and stages it like its own works of art.

It goes without saying that flooring should not steal the show from exclusive furniture. That is why a restrained design floor harmonizes best with this furnishing style. In this case, reserved means that it should not distract from the furniture with elaborate patterns or grains. Vinyl floors in slate, stone or leather look in particular exude a subdued elegance and bring out your furniture particularly well.

Which floor in the colonial furnishing style – rustic elegance


The colonial furnishing style relies particularly on dark solid wood and combines it with exotic accessories and light natural materials such as linen, rattan or leather.

Precious woods such as teak or mahogany in particular characterize the colonial style, but other tropical hardwoods such as acacia or mango are also popular in the colonial furnishing style. With the colonial style, a wide variety of styles and patterns from distant countries can be combined with one another. Asian flower patterns meet African decorative elements or animal prints. So that it doesn’t get too confusing, a connecting element should be defined and consistently implemented. This can be a pattern or a certain shade of color. So that it doesn’t get too dark, lighter colors should be used for accessories and decorations.

The combination of dark furniture and light fabrics for curtains, carpets or upholstered furniture can be elegantly complemented with a darker or reddish shimmering parquet. Dark merbau, ash or amber oak harmonize perfectly here. The floor looks particularly elegant when it has been sealed. This gives it a brilliant shine and is particularly easy to care for.

Doors and frames with rounded edges complete the picture, they appear softer and less intrusive in a colonial-style room.

Which floor for retro-style furnishings? Back to the sixties

which-floor-retro-style-living room-ideas

When the “retro furnishing style” is mentioned, it is generally used to describe the classic design of the 1950s and 1960s. Darker teak furniture meets bright colors and upholstery, daring patterns and unusual shapes. It is not about copying the style of yore one-to-one, but rather combining classics with current design. Almost everyone knows the typical kidney-shaped tables of the 1960s or the curved leather cocktail chairs, which can be mixed with contemporary design elements to your heart’s content. Furniture in particularly strong colors is not uncommon and comes into its own in combination with otherwise rather subdued colors. Textiles such as upholstery, curtains or wallpaper often come with graphic or geometric patterns. So that it doesn’t look too cluttered, these design elements should also be used discreetly.

Those who live the retro style can complement teak furniture and bright colors in the form of upholstery or carpets with a dark parquet floor. Sealed walnut parquet or oiled walnut parquet are classics of the 50s and 60s. Those who love it even more authentic can choose linoleum flooring in a more inconspicuous color. Whether slate gray or creamy white is entirely up to your taste and should be made dependent on the rest of the furniture.

Similar to the Scandinavian style, the retro style also relies on clear forms and structures. The classic corner edge is therefore also recommended here for doors and frames.

Holiday feeling in the house with floors for Mediterranean furnishing style


If you think of the Mediterranean style of furnishing, you have Tuscany in your own four walls. Terracotta dominates both as a decorative element and as a color. Terracotta is combined with different earth tones, from natural white to ocher to walnut brown.

The olive is a central design element in the Mediterranean furnishing style and can be found both as a plant and in the form of furniture made of olive wood in the living room. But rattan is also often found in the Mediterranean style. It is of course decorated with clay pots, lots of green plants and accessories from the Mediterranean area.

A Mediterranean interior is complemented by a shiny, slightly reddish shimmering parquet floor. This can be a sealed ship floor made of oak or cherry, but also a parquet made of sealed beech goes well with terracotta and earth tones.

Which floor to go with furniture made of sandalwood and bamboo – The Asian style of furnishing

which-floor-asian-furnishing-style-living room

The Asian furnishing style is simple and straightforward and often impresses with a certain color combination. Muted colors are also typical of the Asian style, but the combination of white, strong red and black is particularly valued in China. Yellow, on the other hand, stands for balance and neutrality in China, which is why yellow is often found in offices and temples. So maybe that would be something for the study? Natural materials are the focus of the Asian furnishing style.

Much Asian furniture is made from mango or sandalwood, but bamboo is also a recurring element. The decoration is also kept particularly natural in the Asian style: stones, flowers and green plants are particularly popular here. But statues of deities, lanterns, partitions, porcelain and Asian characters are also used for the design.

Bamboo is used in the Asian region to manufacture countless different products. No wonder, because bamboo is a fast growing raw material and can therefore be processed much more sustainably than slower growing types of wood. So why not use a beautiful bamboo parquet? Bamboo flooring is available in different colors, from “natural” to dark “chocolate” to “caramel beige”, depending on the color scheme of your room, you can choose the right bamboo flooring. This gives you a stylish floor covering that is in no way inferior to conventional parquet in terms of its properties. And if you want to make the overall picture perfect, you can opt for Asian-style sliding doors for the doors.

Which floor to modern furnishing style – what is allowed is allowed


The modern furnishing style is harder to define, after all, fashion is also changing in the furniture world and what was considered modern five years ago may already be old-fashioned today. The nice thing about the modern furnishing style: Combining is allowed!

The modern furnishing style clearly includes pieces of furniture that are typical of today’s living culture, but that does not mean that you cannot create your very own modern mix from the individual furnishing styles. So the vintage armchair can easily meet upcycling living room tables and modern couches. What is allowed is what pleases and harmonizes, because it is precisely this carefree mix of styles that defines modern furnishings today.

The same applies to the flooring, here the design couch can meet the rustic plank, or the other way round, the unusual design floor can meet the retro couch. Decide entirely according to your taste and develop your very own modern furnishing style!

Which style you choose is entirely up to you. The implementation works best if you give yourself a clear line, for example a special color scheme or a pattern to which you align the rest of the facility. Less is usually more, set specific accents instead of cluttering the room.

Of course, each of the furnishing styles can also be continued on the terrace: cast iron garden furniture for the Mediterranean style, bamboo decking for the Asian or natural pine wood and a cozy lounge corner for the Scandinavian style.