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Which color goes with green – tips for successful color combinations with green in interior design

which color goes with green modern living room gray neon green couch

Today’s article focuses on the fresh color green. In fact, not everyone has a green color on the walls in their home. But if you want to give your own four walls an individual touch and want to create a modern oasis of well-being through color design, green is the most important way. If the question “Which color goes with green” is causing you a headache, then you have landed at the right place. In the following we will show you which colors can be combined with green. In our picture gallery you will find inspiration on how you can furnish the rooms with green and create a harmonious overall impression.

Which color goes well with green in the interior? – Green stands for nature and freshness

which color goes with the green color palette nuances

When talking about the color green, it is first associated with nature and spring. This fresh shade also conveys a feeling of freedom and has an incredibly relaxing effect on us. Depending on the shade, the green color can also have an invigorating effect. There are so many shades of green in nature that we can hardly distinguish them even when taking a walk. Their extensive color spectrum ranges from lime green to juicy apple green to fir green. Since the color green is very multifaceted, you will surely be surprised at how many colors it can be combined with.

tone in tone wall color combine furniture pertol green with gold

Green has yellowish, greenish and bluish nuances, which, depending on the combination, can significantly influence the interior. When it comes to furnishing, it’s not just about whether you choose a mild or bright color, but which color partner you choose. As soon as you choose the right shade and color partner, the fresh color fits in every room. Otherwise, you can use shades of green both in a modern apartment, or also underline the naturalness in a country house style.

Which color goes with green? – Combine gray and green

color combination green gray gold furnishing living room

If you want to give your living room a modern and elegant touch, you can create a stylish combination with gray. Gray is a trendy color that, thanks to its diverse facets, offers numerous design options. A warm gray or a bluish shade of gray result in a successful and very elegant combination, which cannot be overlooked in the picture above. The question “Which color goes with gray?” Can be answered clearly here. The noble color trio of gray, petrol green and gold looks simply great in this living room.

beige gray green nuances color combination living room

So that the dark, gray wall and the petrol-colored couch do not look too gloomy, great metallic effects were chosen for the living room furnishings, which loosen up and brighten the green-gray color combination. The smooth gold surface reflects the daylight in a beautiful way. You can also achieve this effect with various home accessories in copper. Perhaps you have opted for a gray wall in a lighter shade, then you have created the perfect background. The light gray gives the room a special charm, but does not stand out too much. The beautiful emerald green was given priority here.

Which color goes with green? – Set up with green and blue

green wall color gradations tone in tone blue

Do you have a chic green couch in the living room and are wondering which color goes with green furniture? Why not combine blue and green. This color duo is reminiscent of the meadow and the sky and radiates freshness and naturalness into the room. Since the secondary color green is a mixture of blue and yellow, the two hues get along particularly well. The trendy color combination of green and blue looks particularly harmonious. If you have already decided on a colored piece of furniture, you might be able to use blue accessories.

living room which color goes with blue and green

You can spice up your green couch, for example, with blue throw pillows. In order to get a unanimous overall picture, it is advisable to pick up these colors in another place in the room. Individual pieces of furniture in lighter green shades come into their own on a dark blue carpet. The pleasant, pastel mint color of the chair creates a fresh accent in the living room. The sparingly used mint green creates a pleasant feeling of living.

Which color goes with green? – Green and pink as color partners

dusky pink dark green light green light wood bedroom

When looking at this bedroom, one immediately notices the beautiful contrast on the wall, which was achieved through the combination of green and a pastel old pink. The rich, dark fir green of the headboard was skilfully paired with a soft complementary color. The old pink stands out as a contrasting partner to the green and gives the light-flooded room a charming, girlish flair. A light-colored apple green carpet would also go well with a pink wall and provide warmth and softness in the bedroom.

Which color goes with green? – Green tones and wood look natural

green with light wood combine gray pastel colors

If you have opted for a green carpet or carpet runner in the simple and minimalist room and otherwise prefer to keep the walls in white, pink accents on the wall provide a touch of spring. Green can also be perfectly combined with different types of wood. Furniture made of wood or with wooden elements exudes warmth, comfort and timeless elegance. The different types of wood, which differ from one another in terms of grain and color, also open up several options for color combinations.

modern living areas such as green combine gold white gray

Furniture made of oak, for example, exudes a very natural and noble charm, so its color partners should also be natural colors. The green tones give the room the finishing touch and reinforce the feeling of closeness to nature. If an accent wall in mint green ensures a good dose of lightness and freshness in the room, you can also create a contemporary and modern living ambience with a darker type of wood.

What goes with green in interior design? – Combine green and brown

wall color which color goes with brown and green wood leather

From this the next answer to the question “Which color goes with green?” Can be derived quite logically. Another color that goes with green is undoubtedly brown. Brown tones are connected with nature, just like with green. When you combine brown and green, you create a color composition that corresponds to our natural perception of colors. If you want to make the combination of brown and green more exciting with another natural shade, you can set individual accents in red, orange or blue when furnishing.

Which colors go with green – the color trio green-brown-black

which color goes with brown mint green wall wood panels

If the color concept you have achieved seems too simple and yet a bit boring, you can also integrate the non-color black. Since black can also be found in nature, it no longer looks so hard on the side of green and in a certain sense also gives green a hold. The color partners green and brown are reminiscent of the color palette of the forest and create a cozy and warm atmosphere in the living room.

Yellow as a matching color to green

kitchen cabinet fronts mint green yellow chairs color accents

The colors green and yellow lie close to each other in the color wheel, just like blue and green, which creates a harmonious and successful color pair. Anyone who does not dare to use flashy contrasts between complementary colors is absolutely right with such a color scheme. You can achieve a sunny and attractive contrast in the living and dining area with a warm shade of yellow, which you pair with a cooler shade of green.

color scheme green and yellow furniture living room

Those who prefer dark green tones can create a refreshing combination by choosing a yellow tone with a higher proportion of blue. An earthy gray-green creates a harmonious combination with a warm yellow. If you put yellow next to a bright grass green, you create a lively and modern accent in the room. For example, if you combine apple green with yellow, you bring spring into your home.

What color goes with neon green?

greenery white gray combination color design for kitchen

If you chose bright and trendy neon green for furnishing your home, then the question “Which color goes with green” is justified. Because only if the neon green is used correctly in the interior design, it provides a great, colorful kick. Otherwise, the rooms quickly appear much too colorful. The modern kitchen in the example above is a great example of how white makes the neon colors shine.

which color goes with neon green purple pink blue

Your interior will look stylish and modern at the same time when you pair this trendy color with white or beige. Neon colors become a real eye-catcher and allow the rest of the furnishings to remain in the background and appear simple. Even if you add just a small accessory or a single piece of neon green furniture to your current interior, the room will shine in a whole new look.

What color goes with green and white?

color green with black and white combine living area

This elegant living area clearly answers the question “What goes with green in the interior?” A facility in which the classic and appealing contrast of black and white has been enhanced by a lush green appears timeless and elegant. Here the sterile white and the sober black are perfectly picked up by the pleasant shade of green. The green hue makes this living room more lively and homely.

wall color green bathroom wall design white

If you want to transform your bathroom into an exotic oasis of wellbeing and want to slowly end the stressful day there, you can also let the natural color green be the main protagonist in the bathroom wall design. The beige floor presents the chic, free-standing bathtub in a beautiful way, which in turn perfectly accentuates the attractive stone wall.

which colors go with green bathroom tiles wood

The white washbasin in combination with the black sliding doors of the base unit elegantly separate the individual areas in this bathroom. Without the natural, intertwining colors on the wall, the bathroom could quickly appear uncomfortable, cool and sterile. You can also create a natural touch on the wall with chic and modern tiles in different shades of green.