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Wallpaper in black for wall design – 40 ideas & tips

wallpaper in black elegant modern bedroom light brown carpet plush

the Wallpaper in black is a particularly stylish design option for rooms, which is particularly effective when combined with a contrasting color. The color combination black and white is very elegant. If you have decided on this color, however, you should consider a few things in order to create a successful interior.

Black wallpaper – How to use the wallpaper?

wallpaper black vintage inspiration white bed bedside cabinet carpet sofa

As you know, black has the inherent quality of making things appear smaller or, in terms of space, narrower. For this reason, the wallpaper in black is more recommended for larger rooms in which a more intimate atmosphere is the goal. A lot of light should also be guaranteed. Large window fronts are therefore an advantage here. But even then, the black color should not be overdone. If you make all walls dark, there will be a feeling of restlessness and a dreary atmosphere. Instead, choose just one of the walls. Another variant is to alternate the vertical stripes with a lighter color to create harmony. However, even with this variant of using the wallpaper in black, you should not consider more than one wall.

Black wallpaper – the choice of furniture

wallpaper in black gloss pattern elegant floor lamp armchair white leather

There are also a few things to consider when choosing furniture. White or other light pieces of furniture are of course particularly effective with black wallpaper. In contrast, dark furniture is not recommended. Furthermore, it is best to choose the wall of the room for the black design that is not obstructed by too many pieces of furniture.

The decoration with a black wallpaper

wallpaper black plant trees deco white sofa throw pillows

Decor is another thing that should be handled carefully if you choose black wallpaper. Since the green color works very well as a combination, plants are a welcome decoration option. Those that have brightly colored flowers in strong colors are best. It is best to consider roses, rhododendrons, or tulips. If you want to emphasize the elegance of the room even more, hang a single mirror on the wall with wallpaper in black. If this also has a silver frame, the effect is perfect.

Modern wallpaper

wallpaper black and white modern lettering accent walls red sideboard

We have put together some examples of how to use the wallpaper in black. With their help, you can get an idea of ​​the impact this daring color can have. There are great wallpapers in which the pattern is designed with a shade of gray or even with a white color, which can soften the dark atmosphere a little.

Wallpapers with patterns and motifs

wallpaper in black 3d effect geometric pattern lamp

The wallpaper in black, which has a pattern with a gloss effect, is particularly effective. Such models also look very modern with a 3D effect. In any case, remember that you should be careful with the black color. If you have the opportunity, even seek advice from a designer prior to the renovation to avoid any disappointment.

Bright dining room with black wallpaper

wallpaper in black dining room kitchen eames chair white pattern shimmer

 Black office with gold accents

wallpaper in black office idea sideboard leather chair

  World maps wallpaper

wallpaper in black accent wall map modern light wood carpet

 Wallpaper with tropical motifs

wallpaper black branches tropical design white furnishing lighting

wallpaper black and white combination living room vintage upholstery high gloss dresser

wallpaper black birds motifs branches dining room chairs wire design

wallpaper black armchair vintage yellow wood pattern white

wallpaper black dressing table high gloss vintage baroque style

wallpaper black bedroom idea tiles cream large format sideboard coffee table

wallpaper black squares white chest of drawers bedroom wood

wallpaper black organic pattern white 3d effect sofa tiles brown

wallpaper black metallic pattern idea bedside lamp headboard leather

wallpaper black map design modern leather armchair dark parquet

wallpaper black kitchen accent motifs pots dining area white cupboards

wallpaper black idea suggestion interior wall design pattern

wallpaper black pretty pattern chair flower curtain beige

wallpaper black design idea flowers pattern bed brown laminate

wallpaper black dining room design elegant white accents carpet chandelier

wallpaper black subtle pattern bed floating effect lighting blue

wallpaper black design lace bathroom furnishings bathtub glass shower

wallpaper black sloping accent wall flowers mirror cabinet

wallpaper black bookshelf design white chair vintage furniture

wallpaper black baroque idea canape burghunder coffee table

wallpaper in black living room idea accent wall light gray sofa

wallpaper in black vintage motifs white bed elegant

wallpaper in black stripes gray idea parquet interior

wallpaper in black shelf books imitation wall design bedroom ceiling dark

wallpaper in black pattern baroque bathroom mirror gold accent

wallpaper in black motifs white leaves gray bed headboard upholstery leather

wallpaper in black modern bedroom wood furniture stool

wallpaper in black modern pattern light gray idea wall design

wallpaper in black gold motifs flowers sink modern

wallpaper in black flowers pattern yellow brown bedroom bed

wallpaper black bed linen yellow gray chair bedside table idea