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Wall paint trends 2017 – color healing through pastel tones from Dulux

wall color trends natural tones-beige-living room-potted plants-seat cushions-sofa-sentience

Are you looking for a new modern wall paint for your home? We try to make your selection easier and present the four to you Wall color trends from Dulux Color Forecast 2017, namely the Sentience, Chroma, Construct and Entwine collections. The Dulux color prediction 2017, “Antidote: A color healing”, offers something special for the senses through the use of color and texture, which contrasts with the fast digital age.

Wall paint trends – Sentience

wall color trends table-chairs-natural color-dining area-hanging lamp-sentience

The Sentience Collection discovers colors that are calming and provide relief from the screens. Sentience promotes harmony in the living space with warm neutral and pastel tones and plant-based colors, such as Dulux Humble Fawn, Pinkham, Wasabi and Center Dust. Delux predicts that we will replace smooth, hard surfaces with soothing, relaxing, and contemporary tones. The muted earth tones with the Dulux suede effect imitate natural materials such as stone, wood, minerals and clay. The Chroma collection is the revitalizing color stimulation and interrupts the repetitions with lively and colorful tones. Postmodern and retrospective references are only hinted at as the trend remains contemporary and accessible. Illusions are created through line work, block colors, graphic elements and dominant shapes. Chroma’s palette consists of bold and saturated hues such as Dulux Baby Melon, Deep Arctic, Red Capital and Hay Wain.

Wall color trends – natural and pastel tones

wall color trends beige-carpet-seat cushion-plants-living room-sentience

Entwine offers a colorful connection between different cultures and philosophies. The trend focuses on the simplicity of weaving. The Entwine palette is inspired by landscapes from South America to the Middle East, with rich ethnic colors such as Dulux Carmen Miranda, Golden Pheasant, Forest Fruit Pink and Complex Blue. The fusion of luxurious and industrial elements inspires the Construct Trend. The subtle tone on tone palette gives the detail depth and atmosphere. Construct presents a graduated palette with colors such as Dulux Gray Master, Ahoy and Hauraki Golf.

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Muted natural tones inspired by nature

wall color trends bedroom-beige-natural tones-bed-pillow-blanket-sentience

Warm and soothing wall paint

wall color trends bed-bedspread-window-beige-houseplant-sentience

Wall paint trends – natural plant tones

wall color-trends-kitchen-stool-sink-wood-natural color-organizer-sentience

Timeless but contemporary colors

wall color-trends-mirror-sink-soap-wall hoe-brush-bathroom-sentience

Wall color trends – Chroma

wall color-trends-living room-red-mustard-turquoise-armchair-couch-carpet-chroma

Color stimulation through strong colors

wall-color-trends-bench-window-mirror-lamp-blue-living room-chroma

Set accents with block colors

wall color-trends-kitchen-gray-apricot-beige-kitchenette-stool-cupboards-chroma

Graphic elements with vivid colors 


Chic and uncomplicated in contrasting colors 

wall color-trends-bathroom-black-white-sink-glasses-cup-towel-chroma

Wall color trends – Entwine

wall-color-trends-hallway-hanging-lamps-staircase-dusky pink-steel-horse-entwine

Expressive ethnic colors


Fine and subdued color nuance

wall-color-trends-orange-yellow-dusky pink-hanging-lamp-coffee-table-picture-entwine

Harmonious tone on tone color scheme


Entwine influenced by materials and landscapes 


Color inspiration from different cultures

wall-color-trends-ratan-furniture-doors-yellow-blue-living area-lights-entwine

Wall paint trends – Construct

wall-color-trends-coffee table-living room-couch-cushions-gray-curtains-construct

Deep, luxurious hues


Mark details with tone on tone color


Wall design creates a special atmosphere

wall-color-trends-blue-table-living room-carpet-books-cushions-construct