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Using a corner sensibly – 20 ideas what could fit there

Make good use of the corner gallery-photo-picture-side table-brown

Making good use of space is very important, especially when it comes to small apartments. In the corners there is an unexpectedly large amount of space that can be optimally filled with a little creativity. Tables, cupboards, corner furniture and shelves with unusual shapes help to get the best out of the inconspicuous corners. Take a look at our space-saving ideas and think about how you can use each in your home Make good use of the corner can.

Making good use of a corner – an idea for the bedroom

Make good use of the corner standing mirror-white-light chain-save space

Find a place for the standing mirror in the corner of your bedroom. Mirrors visually enlarge the room – an effect that can even be emphasized with suitable lighting. Mount coat hooks on the wall next to it and always have your things to hand.

Make good use of the corner – design your own relaxation zone

Use corner wisely corner-sofa-black-pink-cushions-colorful

Lying quietly by the window and reading a book – that’s what you call real relaxation. Put a soft sofa near the window and you have a cozy reading corner as a result.

A corner bench can save a lot of space in the kitchen or living room

Make good use of the corner sofa-beige-cushions-dining table-white-round

Corner furniture is a classic solution for optimal use of the corners. Opt for a corner bench and gain extra space in the kitchen or living room.

Make good use of the corner – you can really relax with a hanging chair like this at home

Make good use of the corner hanging chair-rattan-white-cushion-reading corner

Turn the boring empty corner into a stylish place to relax with a hanging chair. Choose the design, size and material of the hanging chair that would best suit your taste and home. Put some soft pillows and textiles for more comfort.

A reading corner is incredibly easy to design


You don’t really need a lot to create a cozy reading corner. Arrange some brightly colored, soft floor pillows in the corner where plenty of natural light can enter, and you’re done.

Use corners sensibly – create plenty of storage space in the room with corner shelves


Precisely crafted shelves are one of the best ideas when it comes to practical corner design. They offer just as much space as the cupboards, but they do not look clunky and cumbersome and are also cheaper than that.

Shelves with an unusual design are a perfect match for the modern apartment

corner-sensible-use-bookshelf-brown-wood-living room-brick wall

A variety of corner shelves are available on the market, which unfortunately could sometimes be very expensive and at the same time it is not at all sure whether they fit. Instead of investing a lot of time and effort in the search, you can make a shelf yourself with a little manual skill.

Design the best matching shelf and save a lot of money


Everyone can build a shelf themselves. You need materials and tools that can be found in every household. If you don’t dare to saw the wooden boards yourself, you can contact your local hardware store and have the boards cut. For example this corner shelf is built from an old door.

Old ladder can be a chic decoration in the living room and kitchen

corner-sensible-use-corner-shelf-ladder-living room-kitchen-space-saving

An original idea is to turn old ladder into an accent in the facility. Ladders are multifunctional and can be used both as shelves and as towel holders. The old ladder becomes a beautiful and practical decoration and at the same time the corners of the room don’t look so empty and boring.

The little corner is the perfect place for all your notes, keys, phone books and other accessories


You can even build such a small corner shelf yourself. Store all the things and small items that you often need there. So you always have everything you need at hand.

The whole study fits in the corner with this corner shelf


Arrange all papers and books on a corner shelf with a desk. With such a piece of furniture you have an incredible amount of storage space, everything is in its place and at the same time the room appears spacious.

The empty space under the window is filled with a small elegant shelving system

corner-sensible-use-living-room-shelf-white-wood-wall cladding

Instead of a window sill, put a small shelving system under the windows. You can put nice decorations on it and keep books and other things inside.

The empty corner attracts attention when you decorate it with beautiful decorations


Use the corner to give your bedroom an irresistible atmosphere. Hang a mirror on the wall, put a matching side table in the corner and arrange candles, flowers or other decorative elements on it.

Keep a lot of dishes in the kitchen corner cupboard


Extra space is always required in the kitchen, while, in contrast, the space next to the window is very often empty and unused. The clever solution would be to put a corner cabinet in the corner. If you paint it in a cheerful color according to your preferences, it becomes a real eye-catcher.

A whole walk-in closet can even be built in in the corner


If you have a spacious bedroom, let this design inspire you and convert one of the corners into a walk-in closet. You can divide the room with a bookcase for extra space or with a sliding door.

Corner fireplace for more warmth and cosiness in the cold days

corner-sensible-use-fireplace-white-space-saving-living room-wooden floor

The fireplace gives the room a very pleasant, wonderful and cozy atmosphere. With a fireplace in the corner, you don’t have to go without it.

Have fun in the play area in the children’s room

corner-sensible-use-children's room-play-corner-canopy-black-white

All you need is an empty corner, a canopy and a few pillows in matching colors to create a play and reading area for your children. Don’t forget to decorate the corner with colorful accents and toys.

Fill the empty corner by the fireplace with such a firewood stand


This firewood stand fits exactly into the empty corner next to the fireplace. With such a practical construction, you always have organized firewood at hand.

The corner is the perfect place for your hairy friend’s bed

corner-useful-benefit-dog corner-dog-bed-brown-pictures

Create a nice, cozy corner for your pet’s bed. Pets feel protected in corners, so this is the right place for them. A practical idea is to mount shelves on the wall for the feed or hooks for the leash.

With such a cloakroom, make good use of the little space in the corner


Compensate for the small space in the hallway with the right corner furniture. A cloakroom for the corner looks neat and takes up little space.