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Typical elements for the modern bathroom with a homely character

bathroom furniture washbasin table blue shower cubicle

In order for your bathroom to have an up-to-date appearance, it is necessary to follow the trends in furnishing. Below you can read about five things that are typical and must-have for that modern bathroom are.

Things that are typical of the modern bathroom: elegant colors

Luxury bathroom floor backlit linear design

The right colors for that modern bathroom rather belong to the neutral nuances. This includes, above all, colors in sand tones. Often the modern bathroom consists of a combination of white and black, white and gray or white walls and elements made of light wood. Of course, some bright colors are also possible, including cobalt blue or turquoise, but also dark brown.

The decor designed with imagination

Freestanding ceramic bathtub-bathroom with panoramic window decorations

The trick with the modern bathroom is that it has to look luxurious on the one hand, but simple on the other. The minimalist style is leading. The rule “less is more” applies. The decor and furnishings are limited to the bare minimum. The lines are strict and clean to give a sense of space and freedom.

Simple decorations and homely accessories

modern bathtub asian style bamboo pendant lamp

Everything is stowed in the cupboards so that there are no decorative elements. The only thing that is allowed is a round, plush bathroom rug and a foldable chair or other multifunctional stand for the towels next to the bathtub modern bathroom Sometimes things that are known from the spa are also used. These include candles, mosaic elements, small carpets or mats and aromatic candles.

The facility that is in keeping with the spirit of the times

bathroom design walk-in shower cubicle glass partition wall ceramic bathtub

For the modern bathroom Furnishings made of glass, ceramics and terracotta are mainly used. In some exceptional cases, wood also occurs. Before, the modern bathroom had a glass shower. Now the bathtub is coming more and more to the fore. But it should stand alone at the end of the room so that it gives a feeling of seclusion and calm.

Where should the bathroom be ?

bathroom ideas fresh red bathtub with backrest ceramic tiles

The bathrooms right next to the bedroom are becoming increasingly popular. Even if they were previously only separated from each other by a wall and a door, it is now common for the only separation to be made by a glass wall, a Spanish wall or a curtain. Another important element for that modern bathroom is a large window with a view. Sometimes even one of the four walls is made of glass.

A garden in the bathroom

furnishing ideas for bathrooms oval white mirror wall

Even if the decorations in this bathroom style are rather rare, there is no lack of plants. Suitable for this are orchids, low palm trees and other green plants such as the philodendron and the dragon tree.

Bathroom furniture in turquoise blue

blue furniture-for bathroom-freestanding tub colors feel-good oasis

Wall design in natural stone look

modern bathroom design with bathtub freestanding flat screen tv

Luxury bathroom furniture covered with leather

bathroom equipment-vanity cabinet clad free-standing wash basin

Bathroom furnishings with exotic details

Tile wall furnishings-modern bathroom-exotic lighting

design bathroom modern furnishings freestanding bathtub deck chair

free-standing bathtub side table eclectic mosaic wall tiles yellow pink

Floor ideas for bathrooms Plank floor-freestanding bathtub ceramic

bathroom design shower curtain clad ceramic wall tiles patterned

luxury bathroom sink table with mirror doors extravagant

furnishing ideas bathroom built-in fireplace cladding luxury