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TV wall ideas for a great eye-catcher in living room and bedroom

tv wall ideas shelf-library-ladder-brown-white-furniture

In addition to the sofa, the TV wall is a very important element in the living room. The family likes to and often spends their time in front of this wall in bad weather. For this reason, the right design, which is not only visually beautiful but also practical, is of great importance. Since there are many different variants and designs, we would only like to offer you a small selection TV wall ideas that you can use as inspiration for your living room or bedroom.

TV wall ideas for a stylish living room


TV walls can not only accommodate the TV, but also provide additional storage space. It all depends on how much space you have available on the wall and what exactly you need. Entire wall units are often offered in the form of modules, so that you can put together any TV wall ideas for your living room yourself.

TV wall ideas for closing


TV wall ideas in the form of closets that are lockable come in handy in several ways. On the one hand, the TV wall looks tidier when it is closed. On the other hand, not so much dust can accumulate, which is not only an advantage for busy homeowners, but also protects the television.

White TV wall


There are several different TV wall ideas that you can implement. You can design the cabinet doors either as sliding doors or in the classic way to open up. You can also integrate shelves and drawers in the lockable TV wall. The television wall can also have a modern lowboard or other types of cabinets.

Automatic TV wall


Such TV wall ideas are particularly inconspicuous. The TV is integrated into the wall for this purpose. A wall, which can also be pushed up or to the side by remote control, hides the television and is adorned with an attractive mural at the same time. There’s even room for a fireplace under the TV.

TV wall made of wood

tv wall ideas wood-3d-shelf-built-in-chair-purple-armchair

You can create texture with such TV wall ideas in which the shelves are part of the wall cladding. The TV wall is made of wood and is particularly attractive. In combination with decorations and furniture in Burghunder, the wall comes into its own. Storage surfaces are suitable for decorations and additional equipment such as DVD players.

Concrete wall

tv wall ideas concrete-wall-monochrome-furnishing-minimalistic-white-lowboard

If you want a simple and minimalist TV wall, use TV wall ideas in which only a lowboard is used for storage space. The lowboard is hardly noticeable due to its narrow and low design, but it can be emphasized by a contrasting wall. Here this was done with a concrete wall.

Make TV wall out of stone

tv wall ideas concrete-accent-wall-niche-closet-carpet

This stone television wall is actually a wide chimney that also has a built-in fireplace. Wall niches are formed on the left and right, which in turn are perfect for integrating cupboards and shelves. If you are looking for space-saving TV wall ideas, this is a great variant, because you make perfect use of the otherwise impractical wall niches.

Noble marble


Some TV wall ideas are of course a budget issue. Marble is undoubtedly noble, but it goes deep into your pocket. Instead, you can use tiles or plaster that imitates marble as an alternative to highlight the wall with the TV. Here the television is again integrated into the wall, which is combined with wood. Instead of a lowboard, there is a board made of gray stone.

TV wall as a room divider

tv wall ideas room divider-marble-half-height-wall-seating area-lounge

Room dividers are a great idea for delimiting different areas without interrupting the open living style. Here you can see a TV wall that doubles as a partition. At the level of the floor, a long opening in the wall serves as a storage area for other devices. The marble wall is just one of many TV wall ideas in the form of a room divider.

White room divider with rustic wood

TV wall ideas white-room divider-deco-inspiration-coffee table-rustic

This white room divider has a similar opening for devices as the example above. However, the wall is made wider and higher, and the television is hung on it. Customize the design of your interior no matter which of the TV wall ideas you choose. A mix of surfaces can be found in this living room. In addition to white ones, there are also red brick and gray concrete.

Modern shabby style


This design for a TV wall is also very impressive. Not only the wall design itself is remarkable. A narrow console in white color also serves not only as a storage area but can also be used for work or as a bar. Combine white TV wall ideas with some color accents for more pep in the interior.

TV wall with wallpaper

tv-wall-ideas-wallpaper-decorate-japan-style-living room

Wallpaper should not be underestimated for the design of the TV wall. With their help, you can get a wide variety of motifs and patterns to give the TV wall a special look. Wallpaper as a TV wall ideas can be combined with some shelves, a lowboard or other simpler and smaller pieces of furniture. Don’t hide too much of the beautiful wallpaper.

Minimalist idea


This TV wall is designed entirely in white. However, the brick creates an interesting texture that makes the wall look anything but boring. The modern look is emphasized by a white lowboard that ends exactly with the wall. A brick wall does not necessarily have to be present for such TV wall ideas. There are wallpapers that imitate clinker brick wonderfully and real.

Elaborate TV wall ideas


Panels are another way of implementing great TV wall ideas. One of them are these abstract models that are reminiscent of panes. The center is formed by the built-in television. There are also mirrors that frame the panels. All in all, this living room is a real highlight and perfect for people who like unusual furnishing ideas.

Plaster the wall


If you have decided on a certain color to design the TV wall, but do not want to forego texture, then you can also fall back on the elegant plaster, which you combine with contrasting skirting boards. Such TV wall ideas have also been implemented in this Art Deco living room and the result is breathtaking.

Design with neutral and strong colors


The wall unit with TV also looks more lively when you combine cabinets and shelves in a bold color with the neutral wood, as was done in this living room. The television is not the focal point because it is surrounded by other interesting elements. Plan well before implementing any particular TV wall ideas.

Designing a TV wall – ideas for the bedroom


TV wall ideas are also quite useful for bedrooms. Since this bedroom is relatively small and the wall is already equipped with wood in the form of a cladding, no additional cupboards or shelves are necessary. Instead, a practical system has been built in that allows the TV to be adjusted to any height to ensure the best comfort while watching TV in bed.

TV wall and vanity table in one


Small bedrooms need space-saving furniture ideas. In this bedroom, an extended dressing table was used for this purpose, which also occupies the area under the television. The design of the wall behind the television is just as impressive. A wall panel with the trendy hexagon pattern runs attractively into a mirror. Let yourself come up with such creative TV wall ideas.