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Trends in colors in autumn – 4 fresh ideas for the home

Autumn colors living room-brown-brick-wall-Scandinavian-flair

Obviously, this time of year brings a range of entertainment options for those who enjoy decorating their home. Autumn is the time when you can give the interior a vibrant look. The traditional Fall colors are strong and dominant, darker and fuller. Complementary colors are particularly effective. We present you 4 color ideas that are trendy in autumn 2013. They can help you choose the right shade and make your home even more cozy.

The trendy colors in autumn – shades of purple for a dreamy mood

Autumn colors bedroom wallpaper purple flower pattern

Purple never goes out of style. It is very popular when you want to set individual accents in the room. As a wall color, purple is also recommended because it looks somehow majestic, experts say about the color combinations. This autumn you have the opportunity to choose your own color shade and continue to look current. Whether you choose lavender purple or vinbrantes purple depends on your personal taste and can be inspired by our suggestions. The trend color purple is best suited for an exciting effect. It gives every room warmth and comfort. It also promotes creativity and spreads a good mood. Purple looks very elegant as a wall color, but can still be used as a single accent. A purple accent on throw pillows or curtains can be successfully matched with lighter shades. Matching colors are red, gray and yellow, and of course you can set a neutral color as the background, so that purple and purple are the most up-to-date Fall colors stick out.

Gray is the new white – darker colors in autumn continue as a trend

Fall colors slate wall cladding living room

Since the book “50 nuances of gray” was on the market, interest in shades of gray has increased. The “front runner” in the color palette is slate gray. Other shades are also used frequently. Very light gray, approaching white, is the latest trend among the Colors in the Hebrst. You get the perfect look by combining it with the right lighting. To give the room a vibrant look, use more ceiling lights and table lamps if possible. The light arrangement will give the interior more elegance and exclusivity.

Natural moss green accents – trendy spring and autumn colors

Colors-autumn-moss-green-dining room

The color is a trend not only in interior design, but also in world fashion. The natural green accents are effective because they are vibrant and make a room look more spacious. A modern addition to the moss-green would be bright bright red, which visually loses its intensity. This beautiful trend color will delight you even after the end of winter.

Colors-autumn-living room-gray-white-combine

Colors in autumn - living area - purple - gray - white - modern

Cream white and fuchsia can be combined very well with each other

living room furnishings modern herbsbt complementary tones violet cream white color scheme fresh deco elements

Red wall is the perfect accent for black and gray home furnishings

living room furnishing wall color red decorative accents modern autumn

Trendy colors in autumn such as moss green and fuchsia stand out

living room trendy options decorative elements interior design fuchsia green gray color accents stylish

Set red accents with furniture

living room furnishing trendy sofa strong red deco accents design suggestions trendy colors autumn

Light gray with various shades of purple looks impressive

living room furnishingtrending trend colors combinations tendencies autumn fuchsia design warm tones

Slate gray is the best background for purple details

living room trendy tendencies living colors light gray purple effective decorative accents design color combinations variants

Bold combination of two trend colors in autumn – fuchsia and gray

trend colors autumn living room deco trendy color combination variants fuchsia dark yellow interior design

Set color accents in yellow – suitable decoration for the living room

living room trendy tendencies slate gray electric yellow accents decoration effects design suggestions trendy colors

Lavender color can be effectively combined with white

living room purple glass table sofa trendy color color combination white trendy autumn decorative elements color accents design

Slate gray with violet – a synonym for elegance and aesthetics

living room furnishings trendy comfortable trendy colors autumn decorative elements suggestions purple dark gray interior design stylish

Ideal match of Light gray with contrasting colors 

living room dining room furnishing fireplace shades of gray trendy colors autumn color combinations white brown furnishing deco

Bedroom with a successful color combination

bedroom furnishing trendy wall colors strong red light red white tendencies autumn decoration effects variants

Light colors – shades of gray are effective on the wall

bedroom modern color combinations suggestions interior design decorative accents white gray shades slate gray effective

Classic tendency – color accents in red and black

bedroom furnishing red decorative accents trendy color scheme tendencies design

Dark purple for the modern bedroom

bedroom furnishing trendy purple color scheme trendy colors autumn deco design ideas

Moss green brings nature into the room

bedroom furnishing trendy autumn tendencies moss green yellow accents deco effective

Red contrasting color as an accent in the interior

bedroom furnishing modern color tendencies wall color light red vote white art deco elements interior design

Classic furnishing with trendy colors on decorative elements

bedroom furnishing trendy autumn color tones effects red white color range decoration variant interior

Dove gray for more tenderness and elegance in the bedroom

bedroom gray tones trendy autumn tendencies interior design variant decoration elements effective color range

Light wood in combination with moss green for the walls – an effective result

bedroom trendy furnishings trendy colors autumn moss green combination light wood interior design interior

Successful coordination of color scheme and design

children's room modern trend colors color scheme autumn white fuchsia vote deco interior design variants

Dark gray goes very well with kitchens with olive green accents

shades of gray trendy kitchen dining room deco accents autumn modern tones

Fuchsia as a contrasting element in the interior

trend colors living room furnishing modern tendencies autumn variants purple chair wall color light gray

Slate gray can be a decoration and main color in a bedroom

bedroom shades of gray possibilities decor accents interior design ideas autumn trend colors interior trendy

Cream white and strong red give the dining room a touch of luxury

dining room equipment trendy strong red accents trendy colors autumn deco effects white design suggestions

Ash gray can be effectively combined with yellow accents

bedroom furnishing gray trendy tendencies autumn yellow decorative elements interior

Walls in gray, furniture in purple, combinations are trendy

dining room furnishing trendy purple accents possibilities deco deisgn interior autumn stylish

A dining room at home can be seen as a modern bar

dining room equipment bar trendy colors autumn variants decor effects interior red black color combination elegant

Ash gray wall paint and white decoration look beautiful

dining room furnishing modern trend colors color range decoration effects classic furnishing slate gray white brown interior

Dark gray with white ornaments create a loving image

dining room trendy trend colors autumn variants dark gray white color scheme decoration effective design

bedroom fashions lavandel trending colors color accents deco interior design possibilities autumn

Living room furnishing color scheme purple lilac tendencies autumn modern

living room modern tendencies dark gray autumn possibilities interior design deco color scale

bedroom furnishings moss green trend color autumn natural color combination white deco elements design options

living room trendy fuchsia trend colors autumn tendencies possibilities interior design decoration effective view