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Tree in the house – 22 modern interiors with a decorative tree

Tree in the house -interior-decoration-living room-conifer-lighting-artificial

The exhausting everyday life, city life and urbanization have alienated us, humans, from nature. Fewer and fewer green spots in the city, instead buildings and more living space, highways and city traffic. The topic is long and very complex, but you can list a piece of nature in your apartment. Suitable houseplant or Tree in the house can be grown in almost all conditions. Sufficient light is required and there are also plenty of shade-loving plant species.

Tree in the house – real or artificial

Tree in the house -interior-decoration-modern-design-loft-living room-SoMa-San-Francisco

Designers and architects integrate more greenery in the interior or in the private outdoor area, such as the terrace and part of the garden. The current open planning of the rooms offers other possible uses of plants in the room and these become an important design element that provides a fresh breath.

Tree in the house – design ideas

Tree in the house -interior-decoration-holy-concrete-high-ceiling-window-wall-Charleroi-Museum

Large buildings with a loft character, such as SoMA in San Francisco and the Charleroi Museum for Photography in Brussels, serve as examples of trees integrated in a modern way in the interior. For trees and plant species that grow in height, the ceiling should of course be high.

Birch trunks as a distinctive design element – Restaurant Sixty in Moscow


The birch, due to its white skin with an unmistakable structure, is often used as a creative accent in interior design. In the chic “Sixty” restaurant, which is located on the 62nd floor of a building in the capital of Russia, birch trunks are used as a highlight. Parquet floors and tables made of real wood complement the cozy atmosphere and the varied seating with upholstery in natural colors gives the finishing touches.

Olive trees as tree-like houseplants – “Brentwood” restaurant and tavern in Los Angeles

Tree in the house -interior-decoration-conservatory-loft-brick-restaurant-Brentwood-Los-Angeles

A tavern restaurant in Los Angeles, designed by Jeffrey Alan Marks, delights with loft character – high ceilings, brick walls, glazing for the roof. Medium-sized olive trees refresh the atmosphere. These are trendy, but are very sun-hungry. The substrate should be permeable, ideally sandy, and the water requirement is rather low.

Real willow tree as a highlight – Pizzeria Kook in Rome by Noses Architects 


In the bar in Rome, the tree is placed in the center of the room. Behind the glazing, in a kind of glass box, the old willow tree can be seen as an exhibit in the museum. Next to it is a classic Chesterfield couch upholstered in brown, tufted leather.

Tree in the house with sufficient natural light – Kre Haus, designed by No.555 Architectural Design Office


Kre Haus by No.555 Architectural Design Office is a very special private house designed for a sports car enthusiast. The building has 9 garages and an elevator brings the selected car directly to the living room. The house has a loft character with several large windows that let in a lot of daylight into the room. In the middle, where there is enough light, a tree is placed in the flower pot.

Artificial pine tree in the living room – Parisian apartment by Gregoire De Lafforest

tree-house-interior-decoration-conifer-living room-wooden floor-bright-Paris-Loft-Gregoire-De-Lafforest

In the modern Parisian apartment designed by Gregoire De Lafforest, light, neutral colors were used – white, light gray, light wood look. Furniture and flooring made of pine wood create a cozy atmosphere in the room. A real highlight is the artificial pine-like tree positioned in the reading corner.

Installation inspired by the natural structure of the tree by Mathieu Lehanneur


The artist Mathieu Lehanneur in collaboration with Ana Moussinet designed a monumental work of art – black tree made of fiberglass. The massive tree trunk goes out through the floors and symbolizes the span between earth and sky.

Black plastic tree in the interior of Electric Center Paris


The effective installation is illuminated, the play of light is accompanied by music and thus in the exhibitions in the Electric Center Paris involved.

Installation as an alternative to the real tree in the house


Real tree in the house for children – kindergarten in Tokyo by 16A Inc.


The children would certainly look forward to a tree house at home or a tree in the house. At the Mokumoku Kindergarten in Tokyo, Japan, the architects from 16A Inc. have thought of that. A space like escaping from the dreams of children is available for exciting activities.

Tree-like structure made of wood in a canteen in Santiago de Compostela, Spain designed by Estudio Nomada


A canteen, but not like the picture we are about to imagine, but a modern and pleasant atmosphere. Large windows, bright rooms, benches made of pine wood and colorful, playful accents. A real highlight is the tree-like structure that starts with the table legs and continues in the free area in the room height.

Birch trunks as a decorative element in the “Onico” beauty salon in Osaka, Japan – project by Ryo Isobe


The shell of the birch tree is characterized by an unmistakable structure and white color. This is often used for handicrafts or as a decorative element. In a beauty salon in Osaka, Japan, birch trunks decorate the room and create a natural, authentic ambience.

Tree in the house as an alternative to the typical picture wall

tree-house-interior-decoration-branches-picture wall-creative-lighting

Branches and trees can be implemented in the interior in several ways. An extraordinary and particularly original idea is to conjure up a kind of picture wall with it. The naturally grown tree has several small branches on which the pictures can be hung. A tip: use small photos, perhaps only the same size.

Fucusse Benjamin on either side of the couch in the living room


Safari and Africa style in the furnishing loves earth colors and exotic structures such as ornaments, animal fur and ethnic objects. In an interior like this, a plant typical of tropical countries would also fit best. The Ficus Benjamin appears as a tree in the house next to the windows.

Dwarf trees and bonsai are ideal variants for trees in the house


Dwarf trees and bonsais are very popular and easy to care for if the right location and conditions in the room are taken into account. Flower pots in all possible designs can be adapted to the interior and serve as part of the design.

Large palm tree in the flower pot for a fresh atmosphere in the interior


Tropical plant species such as palms and ficuses require light and heat, so it is essential to be able to provide them before purchasing the plant.

Photo wallpaper with plant motifs lit from behind and decorative birch trunks for a natural effect


Contemporary design enables a natural effect even if nature is missing. Behind illuminated decorative wall with photo wallpaper of birch forest and which real birch trunks stage an authentic natural landscape.

Bed with an interesting construction made of birch logs


Birch in the bedroom can probably only be thought of as wood. But the authentic white shell was retained and implemented in the construction of the bed.

Real tree trunk in a glass box as a highlight in the minimalist interior 

tree-house-interior-decoration-tree-trunk-glass-box-wooden floor-minimalistic-design

Minimalist design doesn’t really represent a natural atmosphere. A tree trunk made from an old willow tree was placed behind a glass wall in the living room and played the role of the small, “minimalist” inner garden.

Artful bronze tree as an alternative to the real one

tree-house-interior-decoration-tree-sculpture-metal-bronze-living room-white

Inspired by nature, artists create sculptures and works with effects close to that of real nature. A work of art made of bronze looks like a real tree in the house, but serves as a decorative object that matches the interior.

Bronze willow tree sculpture in the hallway


Living area with inner garden behind sliding glass doors


A real luxury is when you can integrate a garden in the interior or at least have direct access to it. A winter garden or part of the garden separated from the living room by sliding glass doors is a great way to enjoy nature inside.