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Tips for interior design: 4 small details with a big effect!

Tips for designing the apartment details-don't-neglect-light-switch-sockets

It’s often the little things that make life worth living. It is similar with decoration, home accessories and various objects that are simply needed and make everyday life easier and more beautiful. For a successful interior, you should therefore pay particular attention to the small details. They can significantly upgrade a room and increase living comfort or disrupt the overall picture. And today we are giving you some tips for designing your home and revealing which elements of the furnishings are not to be neglected.

Tips for interior design – the curtain rods

Tips for interior design curtain rods-bedroom-light

Window decorations are very important for a comfortable indoor climate. Beautiful curtains and drapes can influence a room just as much as a vase of flowers or other decorative items. The beautiful curtains inevitably also include curtain rods that are worthy of the rest of the facility. Modern curtain rods provide creative curtain decoration and can be really decorative with their playful end pieces. Depending on the material and ornament, you can set wonderful and stylish accents with a curtain rod. Whether romantic, classic, modern or maybe even exotic-Moroccan, curtain rods can be used to implement a variety of decoration options!

Tips for interior design – kitchen skirting boards offer undreamt-of possibilities

Tips for designing your apartment skirting boards-kitchen-storage-space-potential

The skirting boards in the kitchen ensure a uniform transition between the kitchen cabinets and the floor and prevent dirt or moisture from getting under the kitchen cabinets when washing. However, the plinth panels hold great potential that often remains unused. Small drawers on castors can be hidden behind the skirting board, where you can stow baking trays, grids or other kitchen utensils. Recessed plinth lights and LED strips also offer undreamt-of possibilities. They make the fitted kitchen appear to float and create a particularly atmospheric atmosphere.

End strips for the worktop in the kitchen

Tips-apartment design-details-edging-wall-kitchen-countertop

This small component looks inconspicuous at first glance, but it has a very practical use and can significantly enhance the look of your kitchen. The strip that connects the worktop and the wall is called the end strip. They have a rubber lip at the top and bottom, which is an invaluable advantage from a hygienic point of view. This prevents food scraps from disappearing into cracks or liquids from coming into contact with the wall. Apart from its high practical value, the end strip has another function: It ensures a harmonious appearance of the entire kitchen. With strips you can consciously set a color accent or choose a decor that goes with the worktop or the kitchen mirror.

Light switches and sockets

tips-apartment design-details-overall-picture-tarnish-old-switch-colored

Coordinated materials, shapes and colors ensure a harmonious ambience in your own four walls. It all starts with the right flooring and wall design – the walls are repainted, high-quality flooring is laid. Old or unsightly discolored switches and sockets can, however, tarnish the overall picture and should by no means be neglected as design elements. There are now switch and socket programs on the market that combine an extraordinary look with technical precision. The wide variety of designs enables creative combinations of colors and surfaces. Whether semi-gloss or glossy, in pure white or anthracite – modern light switches and sockets complete the contemporary interior and can be adapted to any individual furnishing concept.