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These are the trend wall colors that should dominate our living spaces in 2021!

Like most people, we can’t wait for this year to finally pass. Of course, there is still no guarantee that 2021 will be pandemic-free, but at the moment we seem a little hopeful. But no matter what happens, it’s always nice to look ahead and see what new home trends are on the rise. After all the turmoil in 2020, we look forward to a fresh start and opportunities to add more color to our lives in the New Year. But which wall colors will be trendy next year??

We stay at home during Corona times

Here have compiled the color predictions of the largest paint and varnish manufacturers for 2021 for you. With most brands, you can see the impact the coronavirus is having on the wall color trends for the next year. We see many warm, calming shades that ensure that we can really relax and feel good at home. In addition, soft pastel colors and calm blue and gray tones create a good basis for colored decorations. But there is also a trend towards lighter shades, which are supposed to give our four walls more color and happiness. So the new trends offer a nice combination of calm shades with nice bright splashes of color.

The color of the year 2021 from Dulux is called Brave Ground

Trend wall paint for living room 2021 beige brown

The color experts at Dulux have chosen “Brave Ground” as the wall paint trend for 2021. It is a warm, earthy shade that creates a feeling of stability and calm. The wall color gives us a lot of leeway for changes and creativity and can easily be combined with other colors. You can find nice ideas about the possible combinations of Brave Ground in this article.

Wall color beige for living room or bedroom Brave Ground

Dulux Australia’s 2021 color forecast is based on the 3 color palettes Retreat, Nourish and Reset, evoke inviting images of relaxation, tranquility and comfort. These wall paint trends give a feeling of renewal, but also have a nostalgic touch.

A neutral gray creates a soft and contemporary look

Trend wall color stone gray for dining room 2021

Retreat offers a homely aesthetic and a nostalgic mix of comfort and security. From sleeping to eating and working to exercising, our home has now become the hub for many busy days. What was once a place of rest and relaxation now embodies a living environment made up of family, work and leisure.

Gray and blue radiate calm and concentration

Trend wall colors for bedrooms 2021 gray and blue

Muted earth tones create a harmonious environment to encourage inspiration and creativity. Since our private and work life continues to blur, we should upgrade our rooms accordingly in order to maintain a mixture of functionality and comfort. This offers the ultimate range for flexible living.

Soft blue and gray tones combine perfectly with earth brown and burgundy

Trend wall colors 2021 Retreat

* Make sure that the names of the Dulux wall colors in Germany do not match. The color palettes and examples shown should serve as inspiration for your color choices. 

Dark olive green relaxes the senses in the bedroom

Trend wall paint for bedrooms dark olive green

Nowadays we are all digitally saturated. Nourish encourages us to be present in the moment and causes a renewed appreciation for natural beauty. The color palette is based on warm neutral colors and arouses new interest with accents in yellow and green. The simple shades are inspired by nature and create a calm atmosphere that revitalizes your home and nourishes the soul.

Trend wall colors 2021 Nourish

Playful retro colors are making a comeback

white with gray undertone for living room

The stronger colors from the Reset-Palette let us look to the future with optimism. Lively pops of color with fun retro colors bring the 70s back. The combination of teracotta red, petrol blue and mint is guaranteed to lift the mood!

Trend wall colors 2021 reset

Proposal for the modern kitchen with a retro flair

Trendy wall colors for kitchens: light green, pink and chili red

Trend wall paint 2021 by Benjamin Moore: Aegean Teal

Partition wall color 2021 turquoise blue

The American paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore has chosen a soft, calming blue-green as the trend wall color for 2021. The shade is called Aegean Teal (2136-40) and combines the calm nature of blue with the wellness flair of green, while a gray undertone gives it a modern feel. It is a fascinating blue-green that exudes harmony and invites us to take a moment to think and reset. The calming properties of the color make it an excellent choice for the bedroom or home office.

Trendy calf color for living room turquoise

“Aegean Teal” is one of 12 calming, sun-kissed shades that Benjamin Moore has chosen as Trend Wall Colors 2021. The twelve shades in the palette radiate warmth and well-being. These are colors that will make your apartment feel even more like a home. Here is the full list:

Wall colors trend 2021 warm colors by Benjamin Moore

On the picture: Wall paint “Muslin”

Wall color muslin to turquoise

On the picture: “Chesterton Buff”

Wall color orange for the separation house ChestertownBuff

 Trend wall paint 2021 by Sherwin Williams: Urban bronze

Trend wall color 2021 gray-brown urban bronze

Sherwin-Williams has chosen “Urban Bronze” as the color of the year 2021. Home is now the ultimate retreat from the world, and color is a simple and effective way to create a personal haven. Urban bronze is a dark, sophisticated shade of gray with a warm undertone. The color inspires us all to find refuge in any room. Urban bronze has a grounding effect and conveys a feeling of calm and stability. The color is warm and relaxing and also neutral enough to use as a base and combine with other shades.

Wall color anthracite for living room 2021

In addition to the official color of the year 2021, the brand has also released its predictions for the color highlights for the coming year. After a turbulent year, Sherwin-Williams has selected four color palettes for its ColorMix Forecast 2021 that are all about balance and rhythm. If Sherwin-Williams is right, “strong blues, muddy greens, muted reds, bright pinks and warm whites” will soon dominate our living spaces.

“Sanctuary” color palette

neutral wall colors for living rooms in trend

Sanctuary is based on the principle of biophilia. The term comes from the Greek and means “love for life” or “love for living things”. With that in mind, this calming palette reflects the return to nature and focuses on promoting wellbeing and tranquility. The colors go perfectly with trendy styles such as warm minimalism and scandi chic.

neutral color palette of muted green and brown tones

“Encounter” color palette embodies the modern bohemian style

which wall colors are trend 2021

That palette is about heirlooms and the stories behind them, says Sherwin-Williams. It reflects a modern bohemian aesthetic with natural materials and rich earth tones.

Combine trend wall colors

“Continuum” color palette

which wall colors are trendy in 2021

There’s no denying that technology has changed our lives at home. And now that many of us are working from home, this is even more evident. This palette reflects how technologies fit into our lives and represents a hybrid between the artificial and the natural.

colorful wall colors for accent wall

“Tapestry” as permission to play

Wall colors trend pink green and anthracite

If neutral isn’t your thing, check out the Tapestry color palette. This color palette focuses on creative expression and joy and is full of vibrant hues like Jaipur Pink, Enjoyable Yellow and Jovial.

bright colors salmon green and blue

Color trends 2021 from Behr

modern furnishings in beige tones look cozy

The BEHR color palette for 2021 is a curated selection of shades to create a desired mood that compliments your style in any room. BEHR chooses a color palette with 21 unique shades divided into 6 color themes, but they can all work together. They offer a new interpretation of ‘comfort’ that goes beyond traditional beige, gray and green tones and includes colors that can redefine and enhance living spaces.

“Casual comfort”

warm wall colors in beige cream brown

These warm neutral colors create an inviting feeling in hallways, kitchens and open living spaces.

“Quiet zone”

soothing pastel wall colors in trend

Soothing blues and greens create a relaxing haven that offers ease and comfort.

“Subtle focus”

Pastel wall colors continue to be modern in 2021

Pastel shades are calmer on the eye and create a positive atmosphere everywhere. They create an atmosphere that is refined and welcoming at the same time.

“Quiet Harbor”

green and blue wadn colors in the 2021 trend

Deep colors have a calming effect and transform your home into a peaceful oasis.

“Optimistic view”

Wall colors trends 2021 Colorful and optimistic

Colorful splashes of color lift the mood in any room and are ideal for kitchens, children’s rooms and anywhere you want to feel full of energy.

Now you know which wall colors will be fashionable in 2021. Are you already in the mood for a new coat of paint? Here is another tip: We have listed all wall colors from these international paint manufacturers with their names and color codes. But these can differ in different countries. A useful tool to find the color you want and to compare color marks is Encycolorpedia. There you can also discover similar colors from other brands.

Compare wall colors from different brands