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The transformation of an old monastery into a white duplex apartment

duplex apartment living wall tv high ceiling Photos by Jacopo Mascheroni

An old monastery in Como, Italy has been completely rebuilt and two neighboring units attached to this minimalist duplex apartment to be designed. The shape of the original construction is emphasized by the gable roof and the different heights of the ceilings. The basic idea of JM Architecture was to keep the main structure intact, but to keep the entire interior open.

Duplex apartment with minimalist furnishings

duplex apartment minimalism white

Photos by Jacopo Mascheroni

The main entrance from minimalist duplex apartment is a very small foyer where you get a feeling of compression but only before entering the large gallery where the kitchen, dining and living room are separated from the bedroom by a painted block. In the gap between the two different ceilings, there is a video projector that can play pictures on the wall above the kitchen. To maximize the projection area, the upper kitchen cabinets are hidden behind the wall and slide down with a sliding system.

old monastery converted into duplex apartment

duplex apartment by jp architects Photos by Jacopo Mascheroni

Another important element in the main living space is the staircase, which is assembled from a steel beam with open wooden steps and glass railings. Canadian maple has been carefully chosen for the hardwood floors. But since maple is not stable with underfloor heating, chipboard was covered with 2.5mm Canadian maple.

duplex apartment glass stair railing wooden steps Photos by Jacopo Mascheroni

All exterior walls and ceilings hide an additional layer of thermal insulation and the bathrooms are fitted with radiant ceiling panels. The walls are covered for additional sound insulation. The white material Corian is used for counters and sinks in the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom. The duplex apartment is fully automated and equipped with effective light installations and built-in lights. A real example of minimalism in white.

apartment dining area light installation Photos by Jacopo Mascheroni

duplex apartment kitchen projector Photos by Jacopo Mascheroni

kitchen white coriant material Photos by Jacopo Mascheroni

duplex apartment monastery renovation gable roof glass railing Photos by Jacopo Mascheroni

duplex apartment bathroom bedroom glass wall Photos by Jacopo Mascheroni

duplex apartment wood cladding maple Photos by Jacopo Mascheroni

duplex apartment white bathroom minimalist Photos by Jacopo Mascheroni

duplex-apartment-como-loft-ground plan duplex-apartment-como-jm-architects