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The timeless charisma of modern apartment design

Andrews Apartment by Carter Williamson Architects from Australia

modern apartment design

The stylish interior from Andrew’s apartment is totally modern, but at the same time classically timeless. Designed by Carter Williamson Architects, it introduces a style that functions simply elegantly and comfortably. Although relatively compact, the living area seems in this modern apartment design much larger. Clever planning by the architects achieved this effect.

blurred line between inside and outside

large window in modern apartment design

Light and airy describe this flawless one modern apartment design. A predominantly white decorative background ensures that space and light are maximized in the open plan living room. Large windows create a strong connection with the outside area and allow natural light to flow into the interior. Sliding glass windows can be opened completely to remove barriers between outdoor and indoor spaces during milder seasons. The modern apartment design is planned with a clearly ergonomic design to make living easier.

A feeling for freedom in a modern apartment design

spacious apartment design

Quality materials are introduced into the interior design to add vibrancy to the apartment. The bookcases and cabinets in the kitchen are also white, styled plain and simple for continuation of the sleek polished scheme. Wooden floors add an inviting charm to the cool interior. The inclusion of traditional furnishings – the bentwood dining room chairs, upholstered window seats and comfortable armchairs – create a cozy atmosphere in the modern apartment design a.

cozy atmosphere in the apartment

black dining table in modern apartment

A special feature of the modern apartment design is that the kitchen area provides easy access to the BBQ deck. This increases the feeling of open space in the apartment and makes for a wonderful area for relaxation and entertainment in the open air.

So that a pleasant contrast inside of modern apartment design Adding to this is a series of black pendant lights suspended above a long black dining table. The black color is echoed in the frame of the outside terrace, creating a visual continuity of the harmonious forms and shapes in the white interior.

The architects faced some particular restrictions during the renovation of this old building from 1900 year. Despite the challenges, the Andrews Apartment turned into a comfortable modern home.

by Jaz

modern apartment with garden

Large sliding glass windows in the apartment

modern design apartment  white kitchen design in modern apartment

white kitchen cabinets and bookshelf

Garden easily accessible

comfortable reading corner in the modern apartment

View from afar - modern apartment design