Interior design

The solid surface material HI-MACS ® in the Doble Dueto apartment


The interior design studio Cuartopensante from Spain recently completed the Doble Dueto apartment in Albaida. The architects designed the interior of this 1,400 square meter apartment with extensive use of Solid Surface Material Hi-MACS ®.

Solid surface material HI-MACS ® with extensive use


The owner wanted an apartment that was both functional and personality. His roles as a businessman and a family man were the starting point for the project. The owner spends a large part of his time traveling, so he needs an apartment that has a special character: an oasis that maintains aspects such as comfort and cosiness.

Wall unit made of solid surface material HI-MACS ®

Doble-Dueto-apartment-dining-area-hanging-lamp-gold leaf

Inspired by the city, this Doble Dueto apartment mixes four main colors: gold leaf, oak, white and black. Without losing sight of the goal, the design was inspired by the owner’s emotions. Black and white were used for basic elements of furniture and then complemented with the simplicity of the wood and the richness of the golden tones.


There is one material that stands out from the rest due to its aesthetic aspects and its quality – the Solid Surface Material HI-MACS ®, which has been used in large parts of the home. From the kitchen worktop and some coverings to various elements in the bathroom. In the opinion of the project manager, this material has a number of advantages, including the pure cleanliness of the acrylic stone, its technical properties, and the chance to work with a thickness of 9 millimeters.


Furniture separates the dining room from the living room, which contains a large table and six chairs in black leather, as well as a large lamp covered with gold leaf.

kitchen wall cladding-oak

White dominates the kitchen, with color accents and light installations on one of the side walls, as well as oak paneling that creates continuity with the flooring.

The living areas in the Doble Dueto apartment have a fluid relationship. Proof of this is the tree behind four glass walls. The glass is a visual separator and contains the trunk of a centuries-old olive tree.

olive tree eye-catching kitchen

The bedroom contains a bed with an oak like canopy construction in the center of the room. The cloakroom is separated from the bedroom by a glass bathroom, both areas are illuminated with built-in ceiling lights.

Doble-Dueto-apartment-kitchen-oak-wood floor

Thanks to the thermal properties of the Solid Surface Material HI-MACS ®, the material can be adapted to many shapes and can be combined with other materials such as wood or glass to obtain a result that is elegant, original and unique. For these reasons, the Solid Surface material HI-MACS ® has been used in the bathroom for the washbasin, the shower, both walls and the floor.





bathtub-glass walls-bedroom