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The ‘sleeping box‘ is a very innovative furniture design

Designed by Caspar Lohner from Zurich

innovative furniture design - the sleeper box - at the front

Time to take a nap! How often do you want to take a nap? Now the designer Casper Lohner has found a super stylish solution. We have stressful lives, so he could ‘Sleeping box‘ and be innovative furniture design a way out for busy travelers, exhausted office workers, stressed students, and the like, a space to refresh and rest. Specially designed for the public, the revolutionary design from the ‘Sleeping box‘ looks pleasantly sculptural. The smooth surface and flowing shapes are underlined by its white color. In any case, the aesthetics are only part of this organic furniture design. The most important task of the ‘Sleeping box‘ –s is to offer a comfortable and accessible space to rest and sleep.

An innovative furniture design

innovative furniture design - interesting bed

The cocoon shape of this innovative furniture designs looks inviting and hollow. Inside, a comfortable leather mattress offers a way out of the stressful everyday life. The surface, made of the HI-MACS material, is very hard, even if someone is in the ‘Sleeping box‘ rest, two others can sit down on the roof.

the ‘sleeping box’

a modern bed - interesting design idea

There is no doubt that it is getting crowded and louder in our urban environment. This innovative furniture design could easily be installed in airports, supermarkets, offices etc. and provide an important service. Imagine standing at the airport and finding out that your flight is delayed. If you have access to the ‘Sleeping box‘ you can save yourself all the uncomfortable waiting.

The advantage of this close to nature Furniture designs  is that it goes with any style. The sinuous shapes look just as good in a modern ‘hi-tech‘ room as in a traditional or even historic building. So the next time you go out and need a space to hang out in, look around for a curvy structure. It could be that some progressive person or organization kindly did the innovative furniture design, the ‘Sleeping box‘ mounted.

From Jaz

innovative furniture design - bed and armchair

innovative furniture design