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The modern picture wall: tips on how to create the perfect eye-catcher

Picture wall design ideas different picture frame formats

Pictures beautify the living environment. They turn a living room into a cozy gathering place. They make the kitchen a cool location where you simply feel most comfortable at a party. And they make a bedroom a place to dream. There are countless ways to attach the pictures: in a frame, on canvas, as a polaroid pinned to the wall? Gallery walls that harmonize different frames and images and thus form a large whole from small individual parts are currently popular in many places. How do you design a picture wall and what is needed for it? Find out here.

Design a picture wall: find the wall, select photos, determine the frame

white painted brick wall in the living room green chest of drawers picture wall plants motifs black picture frames

First of all, you need a wall. It should be large and presented in the right light, because then the overall work looks best. Where exactly it is is up to you. Popular, prominent corners that are discovered by every visitor? They are particularly suitable for great shots from the last trip, family favorites or a compilation of lovingly selected still lifes. Should it be more private, more intimate pictures? Then off to the bedroom, into the hallway in front of the private apartments or just there where they can be particularly appreciated without being discovered by everyone right away.

Depending on the choice of wall and picture, there is also a frame for it. Plain dark frames provide contrast and a clear line. White, perhaps also playful frames step back a little and leave the pictures room to work. Colorful, wildly thrown together specimens make the whole thing funky and a real eye-catcher. Baroque frames with fine gold ornaments and playful floral elements also look great. This choice simply depends on your own style and the rest of the furnishings. Here it is also worthwhile to visit flea markets and create a collection of special pieces – collector’s items that also bring out your favorite photos.

Picture wall in the bedroom without frame Pictures on canvas

The frames also make their own demands on the images, which is why it makes sense to have this choice together first and then to go to print. For example, frames for canvases must be lined accordingly, while flat frames with glazing fit together with plain printed pictures. The idea of ​​working with canvases brings in another interesting touch here, because the print on the structured surface is another special feature that is brought in here.

Bringing a photo onto a canvas, is child’s play today. The desired image is sent to the manufacturer online, along with the relevant information on size and thickness. The finished product is then delivered to your home. Here too, personal taste decides which picture becomes the desired motif. And if you like it completely unframed, you have come to the right place with canvases, because these can become a great picture wall on their own. For example, anyone who took a picture with the panorama function or with an extremely wide angle could do that landscape format result on several canvases that are hung up next to each other. Basically: The format of the canvas should underline the motif. This is possible in several directions. The sunset can be implemented in a narrow landscape format or the image of the Eiffel Tower in portrait format.

Picture walls create picture frames of different sizes

Pictures: What fits together?

Wall? Check! Frame? Check! Pictures? This is a difficult choice because, in contrast to individually set up pieces, photos become a total work of art when combined on a picture wall. Here it can be quite interesting to place a close-up of the spice market with purple lavender flowers next to the waving curtains of the hotel room. Trimmed objects look interesting, and even if they don’t make any sense or eye-catcher individually, they are a wonderful search game when combined, which makes observation interesting and lets the viewer discover new details.

The selection can be based on a specific theme, but it can also impress with its contrast. It is important to balance this with the frame. Super colorful Lomo pictures? They are great, but look particularly artistic when they are calmed down and put in order by sober, simple frames. Wedding pictures, very classic in white with loving poses and close-ups of rings, bridal bouquet and wedding cake? They look particularly good in splendid baroque frames, which give the simple motif an eye-catching frame.

Black and white picture hang on the wall in a black picture frame

Choose, frame, hang

Once the selection has been made, the printing must be initiated: It is important here to pay attention to the frame size and to print the images in the correct formats. Small discrepancies can be evened out with passe-partouts, and cuts can also work well. Then frame and assemble. Mix and match are allowed on the wall today – if the system is followed consistently, which can sometimes mean more effort than hanging pictures neatly in rows on the wall. One possibility is to bring strict geometric shapes to the wall with the help of many identical frames.

An important tip at this point: It helps immensely to try out the right constellation beforehand and to lay it out on the floor, so you become aware of the effect of colors and can create the right flow. That works better than moving and removing nails on the wall afterwards. Time and patience are required here, sometimes leaving it alone and looking at it again later. Only when the final decision has been made is it necessary to measure, nail, hang up. Admire. And if there are new beautiful photos after the next trip, simply exchange them.

Gallery wall with lots of white picture frames sayings black and white pictures art

(Images: Lefty Kasdaglis, Alexandra Gorn, Jonny Caspari, Natasha Welingkar, Vladimir Mokry CC0 1.0)