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The modern children’s room – a source of joy


The children’s room is a very special place in the home. It represents the personal space of the small and playful members of the family. Therefore must the modern nursery be a place that should bring light and joy to our children. The design of such a space relies heavily on color and decoration. The color palette sets the mood for the environment and the right decoration suits the room according to the child’s own preferences.

The modern children’s room – plush toys and warm colors

plush-animals-warm-shades-children's room

Around the modern nursery To make it perfect for your child, you need to know what he or she likes best and their preferences guide you. This way they can get involved in the design, albeit indirectly. The most important thing is to find out what colors they like so that you can use them all over the room. The modern nursery should keep the design simple and clean, but also have bold color choices and many different interesting decorations. Every element of the room should be a part of building that special room where our children grow and have fun.

The modern children’s room – interesting decorative elements

interesting-decoration-elements-modern-children's room

black-taffel-as-decoration-modern-children's room

There are two main types of children’s rooms – boys and girls. They differ in their color palette and decoration preferences. Girls usually love warmer colors like pink, red, and orange, while boys prefer colder hues – blue, green, brown. The decoration comes in many shapes and different ideas. It is common to use colorful wallpaper or wall stickers that match the furniture or other pieces of decoration in the room.

Dollhouse for girls room

dollhouse girl room


A colorful blanket with lots of pillows on the bed, chairs and a rug on the floor. They all bring cosiness and lift the mood. The furniture set is usually multicolored with contrasting surfaces and colorful accents. As the finishing touch for the modern nursery you can put toys anywhere in the room to let them interact with the bright cheerful surroundings. In such a place, your child should get the comfort and enjoy everyday life.

By K.H. Christova

  green interior and plush toys

green-interior-plush-animals-children's room

cheerful wall decorations and toys

wall-decoration-toys-the-modern-children's room

floral-blue-children's room