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The main characteristics of Art Nouveau – Art Nouveau furniture and decoration

Characteristics of the Art Nouveau living room-fireplace-furniture-ornamentation

The Art Nouveau style began to emerge in the 1890s. His ornate ornaments and natural motifs strongly influenced the furniture and furnishings. Which are the most important Characteristics of Jugendstil, and what makes it so attractive, we’ll tell you below.

Art Nouveau features – furniture, decorations and ornaments

Characteristics of the Art Nouveau solid wood armchair-curved-lines

Nowadays the Art Nouveau is often confused with the Art Deco style. The two may seem similar at first glance, but there are significant differences. While Art Nouveau lost its popularity at the end of World War II, Art Deco became particularly trendy in the early 1940s. The two living styles also differ in concept – Art Deco values ​​luxurious fabrics and noble materials, Art Nouveau, on the other hand, is inspired by nature – its look is determined by the extensive use of hardwood in the interior.

Features-Art Nouveau-floor-tiles-flower-pattern

Perhaps one of the most important Art Nouveau features are the many floral ornaments and the strongly curved lines. The curved banisters interpret the natural shapes of the plants. Shimmering dragonflies, tender butterflies and bird motifs are incorporated into the furniture. Hand-painted fabric wallpapers cover the walls, massive furniture with exquisite wood carving add to the natural look. Curved wrought iron details decorate the rooms. The stained glass windows and lighting complete the concept.

Art Nouveau features – coloring

Features-Art Nouveau-bedroom-solid wood-furniture-ornaments

The Art Nouveau living style l is characterized by the muted color scheme – pastel tones such as mustard yellow, olive, brown, purple, cream or sage green relax the senses and allow the artistic ornaments to come into their own. Strong colors such as peacock blue or gold set accents in the interior. One of the Art Nouveau features is the lacquered wood – whether as a floor covering, as a material for the furniture or even as an ornament on the wall – the natural material is highly polished and shiny.

Features-Art Nouveau-kitchen-silver-curved-ornaments

The house entrance – curved lines and natural ornaments characterize the interior

Mosail Art Nouveau Ornaments Wood Carving

Ornate stained glass as decoration in the hallway

Hallway design flowers pattern painted glass

Stylish color combination in the living room

Art Nouveau features decoration ideas wood flowers pattern

The dining room in beige and brown

set up solid wood furniture arches ceiling design

white color wooden counter wall tiles curtains

Paravent dressing table Art Nouveau furniture

Art Nouveau curtains blue tiles mirror ornaments

Features Art Nouveau living room set up decorate

Furniture dining room set up window lighting

Art Nouveau modern purple color fireplace curved shape

Art Nouveau Art Nouveau wooden table living room

Art Nouveau nature plant motifs ornaments wooden furniture

Art Nouveau furniture upholstered sofa white coffee table

Furnishing beams wood carving painted neutral colors

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