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The glamorous design of the Relojeria Alemana jewelry store in Mallorca

jewelry store relojeria alemana stainless steel gold mirrored plates

The new shop for the legendary jeweler brand “Relojeria Alemana” was opened in Port Adriano, the new marina in the southwest of Mallorca, designed by Philippe Starck. The exquisite Design of the jewelry store was made by OHLAB architecture office designed and is more glamorous than ever. The room comprises three “valuable boxes” – VIP area, back office, exhibition space for temporary art installations – and an outdoor lounge. Two more boxes are outside and extend the gallery to the terraces.

Exquisite interior design of the jewelry shop in Mallorca

Design of the jewelry store ohlab architects golden stainless steel plates

Golden plates made of stainless steel with a high-gloss lacquer cover the boxes. The panels are mounted with a series of hinges and are intentionally curved to create small deformations on the surface of the boxes. These deformations create distorted images on the boxes. The interior is only defined by three glazed facades and has an intense and homogeneous background lighting. A matt white ceiling avoids the reflections and emphasizes the golden surfaces.

 The design of the jewelry store is characterized by a feeling of luxury

interior decoration gold mirrored panels jewelry store relojeria alemana

Each box contains a jewelry display case at eye level. One side of the glass facade functions as a shop window, while the other side opens up to the interior of the shop. On the terrace, directly by the sea, there are two boxes of different sizes. One defines a lounge seating area while the other contains the only signage for the store.

   golden stainless steel platesDesign of the jewelry store golden stainless steel plates ohlab architects

That Design of the jewelry store Relojeria Alemana represents a golden, slightly deformed world. The project reflects on the concept of luxury and creates a game of make-up and appearances. Things are not always what they seem.

mirrored, slightly curved surfaces

design jewelry shop relojeria alemana high-gloss stainless steel

golden boxes

design jewelry store relojeria alemana golden panels wooden decking terrace

a terrace with lounge area

design jewelry store relojeria alemana terrace wood under lighting

Back office design

design jewelry store relojeria alemana mallorca vip wall plates turquoise blue

furnishing jewelry store relojeria alemana mallorca paloma hernaiz jaime oliver

plan jewelry store relojeria alemana malorca

jewelry store relojeria alemana plan design sketch plan jewelry store relojeria alemana mallorca