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The colors black and white characterize the interior of this modern apartment in Barcelona

colors black and white kitchen modern elegant marble fittings brass

The colors black and white are often chosen as a duo for contemporary and stylish interiors. In today’s post we would like to offer you a virtual walk through a modern apartment in Barcelona, ​​in which the black and white contrast creates a unique atmosphere. The apartment is on the fourth floor of a building from the 1970s and has been renovated by Raúl Sánchez Architects and transformed into a cozy apartment with a flexible floor plan.

colors black and white kitchen partition wall glass contrast stool

The architects removed all structural elements in the apartment to create an airy living space with different functions. The colors black and white define the individual functional areas and create an elegant and tasteful atmosphere. The chic apartment extends over an area of ​​75 m² and offers breathtaking sea views. It has a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, another bathroom, living room, guest room and kitchen. Thanks to the newly defined room functions, residents can enjoy the living space in different ways than they did before the renovation.

kitchen dining area colors black and white parquet flooring indoor plants moldings brass

The apartment was divided using two L-shaped partition walls that define the layout of the kitchen and separate the bedroom from the living area. The partition walls divide the interior space, but do not have a restrictive effect. The dining area is located next to the kitchen and, like the living room, is furnished with furniture with a simple design. Brass moldings add color to the area and define the L-shaped zones. In order to create a uniform overall picture, the sink and fittings in the kitchen were also made of brass. For the design of the kitchen, predominantly black was deliberately used in order to visually separate it from the white living area.

colors black and white living area carpet bedroom sliding door glass geometric pattern

The master bedroom is separated from the living room by sliding glass doors, which consist of a combination of frosted glass, matt and transparent glass and form a geometric pattern that is created when the doors are opened or closed. The panels do not reach up to the ceiling so as not to restrict the flow of light into the bedroom.

colors black and white bedroom sliding door matt glass frosted glass transparent

The colors black and white serve as an aid to delimit the individual zones in the apartment and characterize the entire interior. The balcony is also furnished in the two contrasting colors and looks modern, simple and elegant. There Sánchez expanded the black and white color scheme with elegant black structured porcelain tiles.

colors black and white contrast bathroom marble shelf shower

colors black and white interior sliding door glass geometric pattern balcony porcelain tiles

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