Interior design

The color green as a lively accent in modern furnishings

color green open-kitchen-parquet-light-wood

A simple or neutral interior can be wonderfully spiced up with a little color. This Kiev apartment has been designed for this purpose with the attractive Color green equipped, which gives the rooms a certain freshness and puts you in a good mood. The design for the entire apartment comes from Sergey Makhno Architects and impresses with many modern elements that together create the perfect feeling of living.

Color green in the living room

color green modern-furnishing-living room-sofa-white-coffee table

The color green was mainly used to design the living room. Dark green furniture in the form of a sofa and chairs are combined with a slightly lighter carpet. The white cupboard is also an attractive eye-catcher. This is because it has an open shelf, which was also designed in this color. In the kitchen, the green colors are represented in the form of a plant.

Choose the color green – green sofa and shelf

color green shelf-accent-cabinet-white-high-gloss

The effect of the color green is extremely pleasant. Although it is a rather cool shade, the interior looks warm and friendly. This is possibly because the color palette of green tones is associated with spring and nature. A green decoration is always a great idea, as this apartment proves. The color can be combined with various other tones. In this example, the color white was mainly chosen for the modern furniture and gray for the curtains, ceiling and an accent wall. The natural color of the wood also adapts very pleasantly to the green color.

Cozy seating area

color green furnishing-living area-chairs-upholstery-gray-curtains

The color green does not play a major role in the rest of the rooms. A green plant can only be found in the bedroom, which gives the room a lively atmosphere. A lot of wood was used there for walls and floors. A pleasant, warm atmosphere is created. The bathroom, on the other hand, is more simple. A facility entirely in white exudes elegance and modernity. The only contrast is the floor with its gray tiles.

Entrance area

color-green-living room-gray-accent wall-modern-lamp

Hallway with mirror and glass table


Wall unit from a lowboard

color-green-decoration-carpet-khaki-wall unit-simple-lowboard

Glance into the living room

color-green-breakfast-counter-bar chairs-dining area-lamps-idea

White kitchen


Black and white design

color-green-tiled-mirror-black-high-gloss kitchen

Color light green in the plants


Open living space


Earth tones in the bedroom

color-green-bedroom-neutral-color-wall unit - laminate

Accent wall made of wood


Mirror as a headboard

color-green-bed-accent wall-wood-strips-modern-furniture

Shades of beige color


White bathroom

color-green-monochrome-white-furniture-recessed lights

Minimalistic design

color-green-gray-tiles-shower-glass-bathtub-wash cabinet

Floor plan of the apartment


Design by Sergey Makhno Architects.