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Tailoring-inspired restaurant design “Szwalnia” by Wamhouse

Sewn together optics interior design-karina wiciak-wamhouse szwalnia-bar interior

Design Studio Wamhouse impressively proves its ability to stage design on a revolutionary artistic level. The latest original interior design solution is called “Szwalnia” (translated from Polish, the word means sewing). The design by Karina Wiciak – piece No.8 of the XII collection, represents an imaginative club & Restaurant design that takes you into an exciting world.

Club & Restaurant design “Szwalnia” creates the real atmosphere of a tailoring studio

Old sewing machine design inspiration-Wamhouse fanciful-blue white boutique

The club & Restaurant design was inspired by tailoring and at least reflects it on a symbolic level, says the designer. The large white overlapping surfaces in the background have been bordered with black dashed lines and give the impression that the parts have been sewn together with a thick thread. This motif is just as beautiful and bizarre and immediately catches the eye. It can be found again as an accent in the design of glass tops for tables and bar counters.

Imaginative restaurant design by Karina Wiciak

Bputique Design Atmosphere Tailoring Studio Wamhouse Furnishing

The overall picture is rounded off by elegant heavy draped curtains in strong blue, hung behind the bar and above the stairs. Metallic effects and soft fabrics create the real atmosphere of a tailoring studio. Pins and knitting needles attached to the floor play the role of banisters or form the legs and backrests of chairs. Small poufs, chairs and armchairs are reminiscent of huge pin cushions. Elements of an old sewing machine are uniquely staged on the wall. Stylishly decorated ceilings with lamps in the shape of curtain tassels complete the ambience.

Restaurant design creates a boutique atmosphere

Tailoring studio Design-Wamhous Karina Wiciak-Szwalnia Bar interior design

“Szwalnia” is a successful mix of modern design and minimalism, spiced with a pinch of magic. Wamhouse Collection XII consists of 12 interior themed designs that tell a story in a unique atmosphere. In another design by Karina Wiciak, eclectic furniture and accessories convey the atmosphere of a slaughterhouse. That Restaurant design von Wamhouse is full of symbols and metaphors and hovers on the border between architecture and scenography.

Enjoy entertainment and good company in a unique atmosphere

Szwalnia design bar restaurant curtain blue lamps modern tassels

The glass top of the table appears to be patched together with a thick black thread 

Tailoring Inspired Design Restaurant Table Chairs Lighting Staging

Sewn together wall elements of a tailor’s shop 

Restaurant Design Bar Club Modern Furniture Interior Design Wamhouse Collection XII

Imaginatively designed banisters with huge knitting needles

Eclectic banister-blue curtain-lampshade eclectic tassels