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Star Wars as inspiration for modern interior design – apartment in Taiwan


For a successful design of the apartment, interior decorators and interior designers recommend choosing a style, two to four colors and a theme that combines everything in one, so that all rooms appear uniform and harmonious. With this in mind, the architects at White Interior Design designed the young family’s modern apartment based on the motto of their favorite film – Starwars. 

Star Wars as an inspiration for modern interior design – the apartment of young families

Star Wars -modern-interior-design-living room-dining-table-chairs-concrete

The ideal basis for unusual color combinations, accents and designs are undisputedly the neutral gray nuances. Variations of this predominate in every room of the modern apartment in order to better accentuate the decorative and really special design elements. Active colors such as red and mustard yellow provide an individual touch and a cheerful note.

Star Wars decoration and modern interior design

Star Wars -modern-interior-design-living-room-gray-yellow-lightsaber

In each room, different statues of the main characters from the movie Star Wars, as well as entire collections of them, are beautifully presented on a wall shelf. The unusual lights, which are actually lightsabers, also make an impression. As a pendant lamp above the dining table, floor lamp or wall lamp are replicas of the traditional Star Wars weapon.

Star Wars-inspired accents and details in a modern apartment

Star Wars -modern-interior-design-living-room-deco-lightsaber-figure-film

The living room not only looks playful, it is also wonderful to play with. The wall behind the sliding door hides all the equipment for video games, including a Biemer that plays an HD image on the opposite wall.

Gray as a background, color and decoration as an accent


Perhaps inspired by the two little boys, the theme for the attractive, playful interior design is also very well received by the parents. Masks from Darth Vader and storm troopers can not only be seen in the children’s room, but the figure of a white galactic warrior also watches over the otherwise romantically furnished bedroom.

Doors incorporated into the walls


Star Wars figures as decoration and playful elements of room design


Modern living room with a large TV wall


Thematically matching the motto of the room design and dining table in Star Wars style


An important design element – the lightsaber

star-wars-modern-interior-design-gray-sliding-door lightsaber

Sliding doors save space and have a very neutral effect


Star Wars as a themed facility for the children’s room  

star-wars-modern-interior-design - children's room-gray-concrete-mirror

Effective sliding doors decorated as if from a spaceship


Playful interior design especially for boys’ rooms – Star Wars theme


Modern bedroom with a calm atmosphere – pastel colors and a stormtrooper figure


* a project by White interior design