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Stained glass as a highlight in a modern coworking space in London

Suspended staircase coworking space open space

With the increasing popularity of freelance activities, more and more people are working for themselves – either at home, from a garden shed as a home office or from a coworking space. These flexible workplaces are more popular than ever and encourage creative networking among freelancers. Surman Weston’s architects recently transformed a Victorian Methodist church into a temporary coworking space with a bright and inviting atmosphere.

Coworking space modern design white light stained glass accents

The task of the architects Tom Surman and Percy Weston was to convert the roof area of ​​a former Methodist church into a coworking space, where the customer can later also live. The former church was transformed into an open office with lively stained glass elements that refer to the history of the building. Glass panes with a harlequin pattern in green, blue, orange and red were used between the beams of the gable roof and as fall protection for a white metal staircase. It is interesting that the stairs are suspended in the air and not touch the ground.

Suspended staircase white Fall protection glass panels colored

“The diamond motif used here reflects the geometry of the existing wooden trusses, while the stained glass panes reflect the building’s past as a place of worship,” said the architects who named the project “Replica House Studios”.

The aesthetic of the project was derived from the existing wood trusses. Sandblasting removed the many layers of paint that had been applied over the past 130 years and brought out the remarkable texture of the original woods. The idea was to stage the brilliant glass surfaces against this gleaming white background in order to create an airy, open space with depth and color accents.

Stained glass liner inserts, white painted ceiling beams

The temporary coworking space can also be transformed into a private apartment in the future. This is achieved by adding two mezzanine floors at each end of the room. They now serve as a multipurpose space for work and meetings, but can later become a bedroom and home office. The project combines the warmth of the materials one can find in a home with the size and flexibility needed in a studio or office.

Stained glass window inserts partitions

This project shows that adapting and reusing existing buildings is a better and more sustainable option than demolishing and rebuilding buildings. Not only is there less waste, but there is also a certain attraction to transforming the old into something new and unexpected.

White painted beam ceiling lighting lightbulbs

Roof beams painted white stained glass inserts

Staircase white light parquet flooring

Coworking space desk storage space partition wall stained glass

For more information, visit the website of Surman Weston.