Interior design

Staggered levels with wooden floors and sloping ceilings

offset levels with wood flooring sofa-yellow-carpet-blue-gray-glass railing

If the chosen plot of land does not have a flat surface, there are two options for building a house. Either you dig until the property is level or you dig the house into the ground, so to speak. The second variant was chosen for the house that we would like to present to you today. The interior was designed accordingly so that offset levels with wood flooring developed. This is a collaboration between the homeowner and the OYO company. The modern house is located in Belgium.

Staggered levels with wooden floors and colored furnishings

offset levels with wood flooring living room-sloping roof-steel girder-idea

The uneven plot of land led to the decision to design offset levels with wooden floors inside. This created an interesting distribution of space. The bedrooms are located below the public living areas such as the kitchen and living room and not above, as is usually the case. One challenge posed by the offset levels was to create flowing connections between them and to ensure sufficient light in all areas. This bright atmosphere is achieved, among other things, by the white wall design, which is combined with warm wood and stone. This creates a pleasant ambience that is reminiscent of the Scandinavian style.

Staggered levels with wood flooring – stone fireplace


The staggered levels with wooden floor are also combined with a pleasant sloping ceiling. In this way, the overall height of the rooms is kept within limits and a more homely atmosphere is created. There is also a great advantage that the low bedrooms bring with them. Since these are located underground, pleasant coolness is guaranteed on hot summer days. Otherwise, a modern facility was chosen, which is composed, among other things, of a white, minimalist kitchen, steel beams in white and colored furniture.

Modern kitchen

offset levels with wood flooring kitchen-white-modern-kitchen island-dining area

You can take a closer look at the house with staggered levels with wood flooring in the gallery below. There are also pictures of the outer facade, as well as the floor plans, as well as the side view, which is clear from the location on the property. All in all, the hillside location of the house was optimally used and a perfect living situation was created.

Big window


Scandinavian flair

offset levels with wood flooring eames-chairs-color-ideas

Dining area under the sloping ceiling


Rustic wooden dining table


House with roof garden


Large skylights


Entrance area

offset-levels-wood-floor-entrance-front garden-inspiration-belgium

Front view


Exterior walls in concrete look


Meadow flowers as garden planting

offset-levels-wood-floor-slope-plot-meadow flowers

Floor plan of the living room area

offset-levels-wood-floor-floor-plan-living area-living room-kitchen

Bedroom level floor plan

offset-levels-wood-floor-ground floor-bedroom-air-conditioning-of course

Staggered levels with wood flooring – side view


Bedroom underground


Modern architecture


House building on a slope


Designed by OYO.