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Square spiral staircase 1m2 ® with small dimensions

Angled-spiral staircase-high-quality-square-red-stainless steel

1m2 ® is a modern square spiral staircase that offers the perfect combination of functionality and modern aesthetics. Made from high-quality materials with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, the elegant interior staircase design by Interbau Suedtirol stairs represents an enrichment of your home. Let yourself be inspired!

Square spiral staircase fits in any room

Angled corner spiral staircase, attractive design, stainless steel, red Ral colors

The use of these stairs is ideal where the stairs run against a wall. However, construction is also possible if a staircase has to be placed centrally in the room. The modern square spiral staircase is also used as a space-saving staircase, as very little space is required – 1 square meter is sufficient for the ceiling hole.

A staircase design with individuality

square spiral staircase 1m2 ® red-modern design characterizes the interior

This staircase is made in Italy and can be installed anywhere – it is the ideal solution to reach attics and basements.  1m2 ® can be delivered in all different RAL colors.

Shapely corner spiral staircase shapes the overall impression of your interior

Square spiral staircase-functional design compact-small dimensions

The stair construction company Interbau Südtirol Stair started in 1979 as a small trading company and is now one of the top brands for attractive stair design. Taking into account the needs of the most demanding customers, the company is constantly producing fascinating designer stairs for indoor and outdoor spaces made of different materials.

Modern spiral staircase for interiors with metal steps

Design shapely stairs-light installation Interbau Südtirol

Angled spiral staircase in different colors

Square spiral staircase-for interiors-steps metal gray stainless steel

High quality square spiral staircase 1m2 ®

designtreppe manufactured in precise processing-interbau südtirol

Functional design: artistic solution for your interiors