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Space-saving furnishing ideas – shelving systems for the book collection

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Everyone who likes to read knows the problem – lots of books, little space! The architectural studio Forsythe General Contractors faced the challenge of renovating an old building. The homeowner made the requirement that his large book collection should always be accessible. So that you always have an overview of the book collection, the interior designers decided to install a floor-to-ceiling high shelving system. We present you their original Establishment ideas, that are functional and stylish at the same time.

Furnishing ideas – the bookshelves as room dividers

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Here come some Establishment ideas from the USA, which bookworms in particular will appreciate. The architects of Forsythe General Contractors  have turned a house into a large library. The large living area was sensibly divided by several bookshelves. A large shelving system was mounted on one wall. Two other shelves divide the living room into three – kitchen, living area and dining area. The white color of the shelving systems provides the perfect background and allows the colorful book covers to come into their own. In this way, you provide a splash of color and serve as a decoration in the otherwise puristically furnished room. The abundantly glazed facade lets the sunlight into the interior and makes the room appear brighter and more spacious. Comfortable upholstered furniture creates a cozy reading corner where you can relax with a book and juice.

 Furnishing ideas for bookworms – how to flaunt your book collection

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– Plan the shelving system in detail – how many books do you have, how high are they, how can you organize them clearly. Most manufacturers offer the option of configuring the shelving system online – but for this you need the exact dimensions of the available space.

– White makes the room appear larger – you can mount a white sliding door on the shelving system.

– Buy new book covers – that way you will put the book collection in the limelight.

Modern living concept – bookshelf as a room divider

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Configure a bookshelf according to your own space

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The white walls and the light wooden floor make the interior appear spacious

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Kitchen with dining area

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Build the system yourself, white space-saving wall mounting

Books can even be found in the basement

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CD and record collection

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