Interior design

Space-saving equipment for optimal use of space in an attic apartment

A space-saving rooftop living facility offers several advantages and this charming Barcelona apartment is no exception. The apartment is on the top floor of a building built in 1959 in the Gracia district. This building has got 2 doors per landing on the roof. Both the top floor and the apartment have only one door each. Just read on to find out more about it.

Space-saving furnishings as a concept for living

Books organized on shelves and space-saving furnishing of a small room in the attic apartment

The structure of the living area consists of load-bearing walls. A rectangle thus forms the floor and is divided by the elevator and stairwell core as well as by a load-bearing wall. The common area faces the south-west facade, while the room area faces the south-east facade. The total area is the modest but optimally used 60.46 m².

white walls and glass in combination with wood for modern and space-saving furnishing of an apartment

Right from the start, the project envisaged reversing the distribution of house use. All partitions were torn down like this. In view of the rejection of the community of owners, contrary to the original proposals, which were approved by the city council, any structural intervention was avoided. The proposal was clearly according to the client’s requirements.

small bathroom clad in marble and wood with a glass partition

They wanted a large room with a fully open bathroom and dressing room. This should include a large common room where guests can be welcomed without restrictions.

Practical use of space

long hallway with white shelves and a view from the roof top window

The unusual building shell with a continuous 1.65 cm facade and a corresponding sloping reflection of the roof together with the access core and the load-bearing wall is furnished with tailor-made furniture. Sofas, which are also beds, are transformed into desks.

View from the bathroom into the bedroom thanks to space-saving furnishings

Even beds that are closets can also be used next to the bathtub. As a representation of this flowing use, the apartment has only one door behind the obligatory access door. This is that of the indoor bathroom, so as to make it easier for residents and guests to pass through.

open kitchen next to a small study with mint-green shelves

At the same time, the south-eastern facade, which is the longest, was fitted with a clad shelf. The architects were able to increase the insulation of the facade while collecting and singling out from side to side any windows that were originally of minor importance. In addition, it acts as a homogenizing element.

Penthouse with marble column in the middle of the living room with two windows

The Designer of the project a reinforced Ionic pilaster made of marble was installed on the head of the load-bearing wall. This was not allowed to be demolished, as this provides a symbolic and underpinned general calm of the community.

transition from the kitchen to a small corner with a laptop and desk with a modern design

mirror installed on a supporting column next to a fold-out sofa bed in a small living area

minimalist and space-saving furnishing of a kitchen with colorful cupboards

contrasting faucet in black and kitchen worktop in marble in white under light pink walls

Space-saving furnishing of the work area with colorful furniture and a column in the middle

pink and light green cabinets next to a small desk and chair on a laminate floor

axonometric projection of a top floor apartment in barcelona with narrow spaces

floor plan of a roof apartment with space-saving furnished living areas

plan and division of the rooms in a multifaceted apartment