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Smart home concept for a safe, energy-efficient and comfortable home

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No more hectic in the morning! With an intelligent smart home concept, the whole house can be controlled centrally. Thanks to the networked multimedia and household appliances, lighting and heating, regular processes can be carried out automatically, a special app enables remote control via mobile phone or computer and, for recurring routines, the system can also be set by voice command or hand signals. In the end, living becomes much more pleasant and comfortable because time-consuming tasks run automatically and the technology in your own four walls works independently. The system also has another decisive advantage: if it works properly, it can save energy.

Planning a Smart Home System: What do you have to consider??

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Above all, a smart home concept needs to be well planned. Several aspects should be carefully considered. The experts recommend that you first think about what requirements it should meet and what specific tasks the appliances, lighting and heating in the household have to take on. This first step is very important, because it is precisely on the basis of such a checklist that the right solution can be found later according to your own needs. Your own living situation also plays a decisive role.

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For new buildings, for example, the smart home consultants advise you to sit down with the architect and the construction company and plan an additional control network. The KNX standard offers the building owner the option of integrating a network with the so-called bus system. The wiring disappears in the walls, switches are connected to the devices and the residents have a certain flexibility later on, so they can retrofit the system over time.

The situation is different if a smart home system has to be integrated into an old building or a rental apartment. Radio-based networking options come into question here in particular. The bidirectional wireless standards WLAN or Bluetooth enable not only the sending, but also the reception of information and in this way connect the devices wirelessly with each other.

What tasks can a smart home system take on??

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A smart home system offers solutions for all aspects of household processes. We have summarized some application examples for you on the Smart Home Portal you can find further application examples as well as numerous test reports.

1. The heating is automatically controlled by intelligent radiator and wall thermostats. When the residents are not at home, the radiators either switch off completely or heat up to save energy. Some new models can learn and adapt to the heating behavior of the residents, the others can be preprogrammed on request.

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2. Lighting: A smart lighting system saves electricity and ensures a high level of living comfort. The right lighting ambience can easily be pre-programmed according to your own ideas. The smart home system can also intuitively regulate the lighting conditions in the rooms.

3. Smart home multimedia has numerous uses in the home. If you enter the kitchen, for example, your favorite playlist is automatically called up, in the bathroom the music collection can also be accessed via voice control and in the living room several scenarios can be preprogrammed so that, for example, when the TV is switched on in cinema mode, the shutters are automatically lowered and the lights dimmed and the music – be turned off.

4. Appliances: They make you coffee before you wake up in the morning, vacuum, do the laundry, do the dishes and mow the lawn while you are in the office. The smart fridges are also equipped with a camera so that you can quickly check whether you need to go shopping or not, even when you are out and about.

5. Security: Smart home systems also have a lot to offer when it comes to security. From motion detectors that report attempted break-ins, to electronic door locks that let you know whether the children are already at home, to smoke and water detectors that report problems: the numerous components offer solutions tailored to your own needs.

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