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Small bedroom – practical furnishing ideas & room effects

small bedroom minimalist gray design chair leather interior

The bedroom is a place of intimacy, peace and security. So it doesn’t have to be big. Find out how to use your small bedroom most practical.

The right colors for a small bedroom

small bedroom room divider strip white walk-in closet idea

Choose light colors for yours small bedroom. This will make the room feel more calming and make it look bigger. These colors include neutral tones such as white, light blue, all variants of beige, cream. With these colors you can also decorate the bedroom in the style of your choice, because they go well with the modern and minimalist as well as the romantic French style.

A red wall as a highlight

small bedroom red accent wall night cabinets headboard white bed

However, if you prefer bold colors, pastel colors are very good for one small bedroom suitable. You can choose between different shades of purple, pink or blue. Light coral or salmon colors, light green or a combination of light yellow and white are particularly pleasant.

Color scheme for a small bedroom

small bedroom wardrobe modern side table bed linen orange

Simple furnishings in a small children’s room

small bedroom simple modern children bed toy carpet

The right furniture for the small bedroom

practical furnishing small rooms loft bed for adults

There a small bedroom doesn’t offer a lot of space, it all comes down to choosing the right furniture. They have to be limited to the most important and as functional as possible. The bed has to be correspondingly smaller, but there are many cozy and beautiful models that are more compact.

Choose space-saving furniture

furniture furnishing small rooms light colors corner desk wooden floor

Round furniture is just as unsuitable, simply because you can use the space around the bed much better with straight lines without having to go around the curves every time. Beds with frames and curtains in tropical or renaissance style are also unsuitable. The racks take up too much of the free space. A one and a half person bed is best. It offers enough space for one person as well as for couples.

Visually enlarge small rooms

bedroom-optically enlarged-mirror surface wall

The rest of the space belongs to the closet. Mirrored doors make your small bedroom look bigger. There will probably be no space for a bookcase or a chest of drawers. That’s why you buy a bed with a bed box or a large drawer. You can put shelves on the walls.

black and white bedroom youth room masculine look

Also, think about how you can best make use of the headboard of the bed. A good idea, for example, would be a U-shaped cupboard that doubles as a bedside table, a bookcase and storage space for bed linen.

Paint small bedroom in white

small bedroom white furniture green armchairs as an accent

If your bedroom is small but has a high ceiling, use this extra space for an improvised second floor made of a movable construction. Downstairs is the closet and upstairs is the sleeping place. Don’t forget the railing!

Think of storage space

Small bedroom furniture textiles-painted in light-colors

When it comes to decorating, definitely avoid dark, thick curtains. Don’t put up too many objects, avoid chaos. For more comfort, place a round or oval rug in front of the bed. Choose light, see-through curtains and add more color to the bedroom with brightly colored bedding.

Furnishing ideas for bedrooms with sloping ceilings

bedroom white built-in wardrobe sloping ceiling table lamp

Small bedroom with rustic accents

set up rustic beam bedroom built-in wardrobes white sloping roof

Home textiles for more comfort

tips furnishing bedroom with sloping roof double bed lighting

Small bedroom with a vintage look

bedroom in the attic-pitched roof space-saving design of the furniture

bedroom furnishing-bed linen gray-yellow color scheme modern

bedroom furnishing ideas-modern bed-frameless

Small bedroom for teenagers

boys room black bed linen for boys furnishings

Small bedroom furnished in Asian style

Small bedroom double bed furnishings simply Asian

small rooms-stylish design-furnishing bedroom pillows

small bedroom bedding paint tips clothes rack

bedroom pitched roof furnishing tips attach wallpaper

rustic bed-bedroom furnishing styles eclectic pendant lights

small bedroom furnishing ideas purple home textiles lighting

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