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Sloping ceilings are no longer a disadvantage! This is how you can set up a study with a sloping ceiling

The apartment search has been taking too long and the only cheap offers on the list have sloping ceilings? We all know the problem, but the sloping roof shouldn’t necessarily be a disadvantage. Skilfully furnished rooms with inclines radiate a wonderful atmosphere and convey a feeling of cosiness. Especially those who need a small workplace at home, but do not want to take up a whole space for it, should look forward to sloping ceilings. Because the area under the roof offers a variety of ideas for a functional home office. In today’s article we reveal how you can set up a practical study with a sloping ceiling!

Make optimal use of sloping ceilings when furnishing

Set up a bright home office with a sloping roof

If you take a closer look at a room with a sloping roof, you can certainly feel the feeling of security and comfort that it conveys. There is no doubt that slopes are a challenge when furnishing an attic apartment. With a few tricks, however, the area under the roof can be made really practical and cozy. With suitable built-in cupboards, sloping ceilings can offer a lot of additional storage space and thus contribute to more order in your own four walls. In this article we take a closer look at the furnishing of a study with a sloping ceiling.

The study with a sloping roof – bright, practical and cozy!

Furnishing a top floor apartment Tips for study

Today, many have to work from home, which increases the need for a proper home office. Anyone who has ever tried to sit and work comfortably on the sofa with their laptop knows that productivity is simply not high enough. A suitable study, or at least a small workplace, is therefore recommended.

Tips for home office with sloping ceilings furniture

The attic is actually ideal for a home office. The keyword here is: rest. Typically, this space is far from the living room, children’s room, and kitchen, which would keep attention distraction to a minimum. Whether the office with a sloping roof is practical depends on the conditions in the room.

How practical is the study under the roof?

Extending the attic study room tips storage space

The main question here is: is there enough light in the attic? Good lighting conditions are a must in the study. Ideally, the loft has one or more skylights that fill the room with sufficient daylight during the day. If there is no (large) skylight, you can still set up a study in the attic, but you have to consider suitable lighting.

Extending the loft Office with a sloping roof

The roof that is too low in some attics poses a further challenge when expanding this room. A minimum height of 1.80 meters is required to stand. In order to legally convert the top floor into a living space, the room height must be at least 2.30 meters. However, there are no specific requirements for use as a hobby room, playroom, library or private office.

Convert the old attic into a home office!

Setting up the attic home office Tips expansion

Does the apartment or house have a small attic that is only used to dry clothes or as a storage room? With a loft extension, this room can be transformed into a practical study. Think about the installation of windows, the thermal insulation and the electrical and water installations in the attic.

Study with a sloping roof – planning correctly is the be-all and end-all

Set up a study Make optimal use of the sloping ceiling

If you want to convert the area under the roof into a practical workplace, you should make optimal use of the available space. Where should I position the desk? How can I create more storage space? What colors and furniture are best for such a small study? In the following we have put together some ideas and tips on how to set up the attic like a practical and cozy study with a sloping ceiling.

Set up a workstation near the window

Set up study under the roof skylight light

Anyone who has an office job and sits in a chair in front of the computer for around eight hours every day knows how important natural light is when working. A lack of light can not only damage the eyes, but in the worst case lead to weather-related depression, especially in the cold season. In order to create the perfect lighting conditions in the home office, you should design the workplace near the window. If there is a skylight, the area directly under the window is the ideal place for the desk. So you can work in natural light for most of the day.

The more daylight, the better

Combine windows with skylights in the office with sloping ceilings

If you are still in the planning phase for your attic, you can ensure more daylight if you plan a window on the knee in addition to the skylight. The knee stick is the straight wall area below the slope, which can be of different heights depending on the type of roof. In those cases where there is no knee stick at all, a window can be built into the gable wall instead.

Place the desk on the knee

Furnishing a study with sloping ceilings tips lighting

In order to use the area under the roof optimally, you can place the desk with the long side on the knee stick. The higher the knee, the better. In this case, you should also consider the roof pitch angle. This determines how deep the table should be so that there is sufficient distance from the head to the wall.

A long table top for the workplace under the roof

Furnishing simple and practical in the study under the roof

If the knee is too low, the table can be placed against the gable wall instead. In this way, the light comes from the side of the roof window, which minimizes shadows cast on work documents and reflective glare on the screen. With this arrangement, the desk should be long enough to offer enough space despite the sloping wall.

Corner desk for a small study with a sloping roof

Curved corner desk for study with a sloping roof

Corner desks are a space-saving option if the area under the sloping roof is too narrow. With a small workstation in the corner, the available space can be optimally used. The gable wall still offers good storage space – shelves and drawers can be built in so that everything you need is neatly stowed away.

Furnish a study with a pitched roof according to Feng Shui

Roof window for more light in the attic Home office

Would you like to set up your home office according to the Feng Shui teaching? Then you should set up the desk in the middle of the room, if there is enough space in the attic. When sitting, you should still have the door in view and the light should ideally come from above or from the side, but not from behind. If the table is set up in the middle of the room, the area under the sloping roof can be used for additional storage space.

Create storage space on sloping walls

Optimal use of storage space in the workplace with a sloping roof

As far as the storage space in a study with a sloping roof is concerned, you should work with the conditions in the room. In principle, shelves can be built into every corner and niche where, for example, books and documents can be stowed away. Rollable shelves and flexible roll containers are just as suitable for a small study. This turns storage space from a challenge into child’s play.

Workplace in the living room with a sloping ceiling

Set up home office in a room with a sloping ceiling

If you don’t have a separate room for your home office, you can also create a small workplace in the living room with a sloping roof. To optically separate the home office from the rest of the room, you can consider a suitable partition. Partitions are perfect as bookcases and can not only be practical, but also have a decorative effect.

Which wall color for the study under the roof?

Skylight is a good solution for a study under the roof

Attics are usually considered dark and uninviting. Therefore, dark colors are not recommended at all when setting up. If you set up the study under the roof, it is better to opt for white paint for the walls and furniture. Light walls optically enlarge the room and provide more brightness. Above all, the wall on which the sloping roof is located should be painted light. This creates a good working atmosphere and leaves room for thought.

An atmospheric decoration should not be missing

like setting up and decorating your home office in the loft

The home office has to be bright, but by no means sterile. Nice wallpaper (but not on the sloping wall), a small picture wall and a few houseplants create a pleasant ambience and make the time you spend working much more pleasant.

Study with sloping roof for 2 people

Set up study for 2 people in the attic

Do you have to work from home with your partner at the same time? To keep disputes over who sits where to a minimum, you can set up a study for 2 people. A spacious attic is an excellent option here. It is better to arrange the workstations with your backs to each other to avoid possible distractions.

No daylight in the attic! What to do?

Extending the attic study room furnishing tips

Some attics are designed without a window at all or only have a small skylight, which is not enough for a good working atmosphere. If this is the case for you too, then you can either install a larger skylight, which is rather expensive, or think about good lighting of the room. Make sure there is sufficient basic lighting and supplement it with various direct light sources. A flexibly adjustable desk lamp is the most important direct light source in the study.

Make the area under the roof multifunctional

Setting up a study in the loft Tips for sloping ceilings

You just can’t work, you also need relaxation and entertainment. If your attic is large enough, you can also set up a small hobby room or a cozy reading corner in addition to the workplace. It is recommended, however, that the workplace does not face the entertainment area, otherwise it will be difficult to concentrate while working.