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Set up small rooms to save space – 6 tips for more comfort and order

Small rooms space-saving-furnishing-tips-functional-furniture-sofa-beds

Furnishing small rooms comfortably and attractively is a challenge. Not only does the selection of suitable furniture complicate the project, tight storage space also creates difficulties. But with the help of practical tips and clever solutions, cramped rooms can become cozy comfort zones. We have summarized the most important facts for a sensible design of small rooms.

Furnishing small rooms – reaching for functional furniture!

Small rooms space-saving-furnishing-tips-sofa-bed-living room

If space is in short supply, functionality should be at the top of your priority list. This applies in particular to the furniture. Make a conscious decision for functional pieces of furniture, to benefit from a plus in comfort and flexibility. To illustrate this, a sofa bed and a folding table with a pull-out top serve as examples. For example, if you live in a one-room apartment, a sofa bed is predestined for use there. It combines comfortable seating with sleeping facilities and can be converted into a bed in just a few simple steps. This saves you an additional bed, which takes up a lot of space and narrows the living space. You don’t have to do without a variety of designs and sufficient seating and lounging space. Like the Selection of sofa beds from Internet provider Cnouch, a brand of Otto GmbH & Co KG, clarified, there is the functional upholstered furniture in a variety of colors, materials and shapes. From the spacious corner sofa for medium-sized rooms to very filigree models with the smallest dimensions, there is something suitable for every need. Also look around furniture stores to get a feel for the right size and to try out some products.

Small rooms space-saving-furnishing-tips-kitchen-folding-table-white

A Folding table with pull-out leaves is no less practical. While it can serve as an alternative workplace on the one hand, thanks to the pull-out panels you would be prepared for guests on the other. The table surface can be flexibly adapted to the current situation. In everyday life, you can make the table smaller in order to benefit from maximum space. If there is a spontaneous visit, you can react to it. And if you don’t need a table at the moment, simply fold it up.

Further suggestions for functional and practical furniture for small rooms:

– ottoman with integrated storage space that doubles as a side table

– Stackable chairs

– Sets of side tables that can be pushed one below the other to save space and are equipped with removable trays

Cabinet systems with an integrated desk

– Loft beds

– Roll container

Small rooms space-saving-furnishing-tips-loft bed-shelving-system-room dividers

If a home office is necessary, one can help Contribution to the online edition of the women’s magazine myself Further. There suggestions for functional office furniture were arranged. With the note “too many home accessories distract from the essentials in the office”, you will also receive a valuable tip on how to design a work environment that promotes concentration.

Create storage space!

Small rooms-space-saving-furnishing-tips-storage-space-under-the-bed-drawers

In addition to functionality, the A&O small spaces Storage space. Without storage space, clutter breaks out and this makes for a poor look, especially in small rooms. Relaxation is difficult and well-being suffers. Regardless of whether it is a cabinet system, shelf or chest of drawers – with the right structure, furniture becomes a storage space miracle. When setting up, try to use previously unused areas for storing things. The free floor space under the bed could, for example, be equipped with closed and flat roll containers to store bedclothes or the like.

Use closed fronts!

Small spaces-saving-space-furnishing-tips-closed-fronts-modern-one-room-apartment

Chaotic conditions are not long in coming without systems of order and sufficient storage. If a lot of things are lying around loosely or if a small room is characterized by open furniture systems, it seems restless. The result is an uninviting atmosphere. Use instead Furniture with closed fronts and make the interior calmer. You will see that rooms immediately look tidier and nicer with it. You can hide a lot of little things inconspicuously behind cabinet doors and drawers.

Go high!

Small rooms space-saving-furnishing-tips-shelving-over-the-door

In most apartments, the areas above eye level are not used. This creates valuable opportunities for creating storage space and placing various utensils. By attaching Shelves over the doors you can accommodate most of your belongings. Ideal for things that are rarely needed. Also the assembly of Wall cupboards is essential in cramped apartments in order to utilize free capacities. Go up high and use the areas presented to you in the upper third of the rooms.

Keep the ground clear!


If the floor is obstructed with furniture and objects, the space is visually reduced significantly. The less it is placed on the floor, the tidier, larger and more attractive a room appears. Try to clean up your floor and relocate everything that is currently there. The goal should be that much Floor area as visible as possible.

Here are four ways to “clean up” the floor:

1. Wall-mounted sideboards without feet. This makes rooms appear airier and larger.

2. Thin chair and table legs, sofas with high feet or chests of drawers with slender legs and castors – the more filigree furniture is built and the higher it is from the floor, the better for the generous overall impression.

3. Whether bags, umbrellas, guitar or folding chair, everything that can be attached to hooks on the wall should be removed from the floor and attached there.

4. Use carpets sparingly to reveal the floor. If you can’t do without it, place bright models with inconspicuous patterns.

Pay attention to transparency!


Finally, a note on the choice of material. With transparent surfaces rooms can be visually stretched. The trick is to allow an unrestricted view through the room. For example, instead of a heavy wooden table, you could choose an alternative made of glass and use mobile serving trolleys made of transparent plastic instead of bulky side tables. The effect is reinforced by the targeted application of Reflect. They create space and reflect daylight, making your home even friendlier.