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Set up a gym at home – how to lose weight quickly

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If you want to lose weight quickly, it is a great alternative Gym at home set up. Nowadays, even with a limited budget and space, a gym can be designed.

Home gym – advantages and disadvantages

Home gym treadmill

One of the biggest drawbacks to the Gym at home is the motivation. Often you feel motivated when he trains with others. This disadvantage should not be underestimated, because anyone who wants to lose weight and keep fit has to do systematic exercises. But a fitness studio in your own four walls has several advantages – you can train at any time and don’t have to wait until the equipment in the studio is free. You do not have to share the devices with other parts and you can set them up according to your personal preferences.

Home gym – choose the equipment

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Our tip for the device selection – set up yours Gym at home Step by step. Start with a simple mat. Do simple but powerful exercises like pushups and squats. Then you can think of other variants. If space is limited, you can opt for dumbbells. If space permits, you can equip your home studio with a treadmill – it can train more than 60% of the muscles in the body. You can have a climbing wall built in narrow but high rooms.

Home studio – exceptional options

Climbing wall build basement

In any case, you should first find out which safety rules you have to observe. If you live in the house and have a large basement, you can turn this into a basketball playground. This is a simple, inexpensive alternative that will keep you active and still be a lot of fun. We have summarized some interesting suggestions for home studios that show that you can work out effectively even in small rooms.

Equip home studio

set up a practical fitness studio

Gym with television

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Good lighting and fresh air in the home studio

Home gym set up tips

Home studio – apartment in the city

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Equipment – training bench

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Modern decor and gray color scheme

Boxer Fitness Equipment Setup Tips

Practical and functional – in-house fitness studio

Fitness studio in home workout