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Set accents with purple interior ideas

purple-mural-living room

For a modern look, designers introduce purple in the interior. Everywhere in the house, purple interior ideas sparkle like richly glittering gemstones. There is no room in a house that is unsuitable for a new purple look. One of the highlights in fashion 2012 are the purple interior ideas that completely change the overall picture.

purple interior ideas – luxury living room

luxury living room shades of purple

Over the years, purple interior ideas have come in and out of style. Each of the variety of purple shades will enhance the mood and create a strong visual statement in the home. All purple rooms are the most extreme and dramatic scenario. Alternatively, you can introduce purple as an accent color for beautiful results.

purple interior ideas – accents with purple chairs in white interior design


Be in a dining room purple interior ideas create a pleasantly intimate atmosphere for guest entertainment. In the bathroom, purple will transform bath time into a luxurious experience. The purple bedroom becomes a place of mystery where the imagination is left free. Even a simple kitchen is brought back to life with a can of purple on accent walls or accessories.

luxurious purple bathroom design


Purple furniture, lampshades, rugs, and other decorative accessories will add a vibrant accent to your room when partial purple interior ideas want to include. This looks amazing in a surprisingly wide range of colors. For example, lime green is actively playing with purple accents. Introduce small touches of burgundy or purple paint in a white interior and it will result in a subtle artistic effect. Maybe a few flowers and a lampshade for a tasteful balance. Purple in a red interior is lush and exotic. Purple in a gray interior stands out against the neutral background.

purple accents in the nursery

purple-accents-children's room

It is important that these colors can be used conversely as accents in a purple design idea, which achieves striking harmonies and contrasts. The list of fabulous combinations goes on. Be brave and experiment more to find the right balance in your purple interior ideas to reach.

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 purple kitchenette and wood design

purple kitchen unit wood design


vintage purple bedroom

purple bathtub

purple bathtub

purple shower cubicle