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Scandinavian style in gray for modern loft furnishings

Scandinavian style gray wood paneling wall television

Loft apartments are particularly popular with young couples and families. The large areas can be divided up wonderfully individually, so that spacious, but at the same time compact apartments are created. Nevertheless, the lofts often have one quality that does not appeal to everyone and that is the lack of privacy in the sleeping area. This is usually designed in an open manner. With the loft apartment Scandinavian style in gray, which we would like to introduce to you today, however, this is not the case. The high room was used to create a second level, which was designed as a bedroom and represents a room of its own. The Scandinavian-style apartment in gray is located in a building called Loft Tower in Vilnius, Lithuania and is perfect for small families or couples who like the Scandinavian interior design.

Scandinavian style in gray – living room furniture

Scandinavian style gray built-in shelf armchair turquoise stool

Scandinavian style in gray and with a lot of wood

Scandinavian style gray interior furnishing idea sofa table round wood

Modern carpet in gray

Scandinavian style in gray round coffee table living room sofa upholstery

Gray sofa

Scandinavian style gray couch set furnishing modern turquoise furniture

Scandinavian furniture

scandinavian style gray fireplace heating lounge chair relax

Loft apartment on two levels

Scandinavian style gray living room design inspiration modern

Open living area

scandinavian style gray open kitchen design bright interior

Gray accents

Scandinavian style gray upholstered corner sofa white curtains furniture

Modern, Scandinavian room divider

Scandinavian style gray tiles stone look room divider wood modern

Scandinavian style in gray living room coffee table wood stove

scandinavian style gray parquet design warm atmosphere interior

Scandinavian style gray wooden slats partition idea tiles

scandinavian style in gray stairs partition wall wood strips carpet

Scandinavian style light gray curtains living area loft lithuania

scandinavian style gray wood accents steps design loft design idea

Scandinavian style gray stairs chamber door practical

Scandinavian style gray hallway stairs area white walls spotlights

Scandinavian style gray wooden stairs idea cladding bird's eye view

Scandinavian style gray wall design white railing hallway plain

scandinavian style gray loft design pendant lamp stairs wood

Scandinavian style gray high ceiling concrete shelf loft apartment

scandinavian style in gray fan glass wall curtains curtain loft

Scandinavian style gray curtains green olive privacy

Scandinavian style in gray bed concrete ceiling glass wall

scandinavian style in gray wall lamp white wall color window dresser

Scandinavian style in gray bedroom headboard molding lighting

scandinavian style in gray concrete look bedroom bedside table white

Scandinavian style gray sleeping area design furniture modern

Scandinavian style gray sitting area window kitchen bar stool wood accents

Scandinavian style gray reading corner window heating slat design

scandinavian style in gray kitchen black and white modern design sink

Scandinavian style gray kitchen cabinets white parquet

Scandinavian style gray kitchen high gloss concrete ceiling white cupboards

scandinavian style gray kitchen island minimalist wall unit sideboard

Scandinavian style gray kitchen island white bar chair flooring wood

scandinavian style gray bathroom white tile wash cabinet mirror

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