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Scandinavian furnishing ideas – these are the must-haves


Scandinavian furnishing ideas bring clarity, serenity, calm and beauty into the home. The design is functionally oriented, it relies on clear lines and shapes. They reflect the close connection that exists between man and nature and fit perfectly with the urban lifestyle. The designs of the far north are known for their intense colors. They bring joy of life into everyday life. White is also strongly represented as a color.

Home textiles from Scandinavia are particularly in demand at the moment. Interior designers and decorators love them for decoration. The specialist in the living area offers many woolen blankets, pillows and pillowcases in Scandinavian style. They are made of soft and high quality wool. Designers appreciate that they are anti-allergenic and scratch-free. The Elvang Denmark label stands out in particular.

But these are not the only decorating tips in the Scandinavian style. Lamps, vases, furniture and other furnishings from the Nordic countries should not be missing in any household.

Scandinavian furnishing ideas – lamps create cosiness

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Many well-known and renowned furniture designers come from Scandinavia. Because of the long and dark winters in the north, light plays an important role in their designs. That is why the Scandinavian lamps are among the most famous lights in the world. The most famous lights are the cone lights, which give off harmonious light and were developed by Simon Karkovs in the sixties. The standardized lamps are popular with many young people. They come in different shapes and colors. They come into their own best in the living room and bedroom. In the kitchen, on the other hand, the Danish pendant lamp is often used. The patented PH50 by the Danish designer Poul Henningsen is glare-free. He designed it in the 1950s as a universal lamp that, due to its neutrality, fits in with many room concepts. The pendant lamp is made of paper, bamboo, metal, concrete or felt.

Scandinavian furnishing ideas – organic vases set accents

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Everyone is familiar with the Savoy vases. They are among the most famous glass objects in the world. But only a few know that these vases come from Scandinavia. It was designed by the Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto. When creating it, he was guided by natural shapes and modeled the vases asymmetrically and wavy. They are reminiscent of a lake or a tree trunk. The vases are an attractive example of the sculptural practicality. The vases are available in brown, green, gray, ruby ​​red or purple colors.

Scandinavian furnishing ideas – Nordic seating furniture


Scandinavian seating furniture is sleek and simple, straightforward and a real eye-catcher. One of the design icons is the iron armchair by Danish designer Arne Jacobsen, who designed this armchair in 1958 for the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The armchair is made of natural materials such as leather, cotton and local woods. It is available in the typical Nordic colors of beige, brown, gray and light green. It is available in different sizes. The ice armchairs adorn a reading corner or bring cosiness to the kitchen. Equally famous is the Mayor sofa by Jacobsen, which is known for its slim legs and the button fastening on the back of the sofa.

Another Scandinavian export hit is the Stockholm armchair from the IKEA series. It was designed by Ingvar Kamprad in the 1940s. The simple classic with an uncomplicated design gives the living room a fresh dash of color with its bright yellow, green or red colors. This armchair also offers space for a break in the guest room or in the work area.

Scandinavian interior design ideas – minimal bedroom

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A Scandinavian bedroom is subtle. A bed, a closet and a bedside table are all you need in this bedroom. So nothing can distract you and the room has a calm, pleasant appearance. Minimalism is very important. The bedroom is accentuated with special items such as a suitcase that serves as storage space or a ladder that functions like a shelf. A lot of light is also important. The Scandinavians use all sorts of tricks so that the room is flooded with light. To achieve this, the windows should not be covered or only covered with light, transparent curtains. The room colors should remain white, but may have shades. Light pink, cream, beige and mild blue are harmonious. If that’s too subdued, you can add colorful details or loosen up the room with an accent wall.

Interesting facts about Scandinavian design

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Scandinavian design had its heyday in the forties and fifties. It comes from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland and is characterized by its simple shape, functionality and minimalism. The design is characterized by inexpensive mass production. The Scandinavians include the Finns Alvar Aalto and the Danes Arne Jacobsen among their forefathers. It was they who created a Scandinavian design language of modernism and who received numerous important designer awards for their furniture. The idea behind all design objects is that the piece of furniture is everyday, functional and affordable for everyone. The IKEA company has adopted this motto and made Scandinavian living its trademark. The concept of Scandinavian design is part of many scientific debates and exhibitions due to the close connection between politics and design. In Germany, the preference for functional solutions is shared with the Scandinavians. They satisfy the longing for simplicity in a seemingly more complex world. This is why Scandinavian design is so popular in Germany.

Scandinavian furnishing ideas for the living room

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