Interior design

Rustic beam ceiling in an apartment in Milano

Rustic beam ceiling living room chair blue gray sofa

This attractive home with Rustic beam ceiling is located in Milano in Italy and its building structure also corresponds to the traditions. The typical characteristics can be found above all in the railings, but also in the landscape design of the garden. The apartment that we would like to introduce to you is located on the third floor of the house and impresses with its mix of rustic and modern furnishings. Take a look at the gallery and be inspired by the furnishing style of the owner and designer.

Ceiling made of rustic beams – a lot of wood in the living room

ceiling made of rustic beams seating area lounge wood coffee table round

During the renovation of the apartment with its rustic beam ceiling, all the typical features and details from the 19th century that were hidden by other work over the years were uncovered. In this way, the apartment receives many details in a rustic style, which provide a certain charm and cosiness. One of these details is the ceiling beams mentioned earlier. The Italian style has also been redesigned with a new floor covering made of traditional wooden boards from Milano.

Ceiling made of rustic beams in the open kitchen

ceiling made of rustic beams modular kitchen stainless steel modern dining table round

The bathroom of the apartment, with its rustic beam ceiling, impresses with the use of light limestone tiles. The light color not only makes the bathroom look elegant, but also more spacious. A custom-made shower has been added to this, which is exactly what the owner wanted.

Modular kitchen

ceiling made of rustic beams open kitchen design parquet light

The beds and the wardrobes in the bedrooms with ceilings made of rustic beams are also custom-made. In this way, they adapt perfectly to the space. Oak and walnut wood were chosen as the material for the beds and the cupboards are made of cedar wood. The designs for these pieces of furniture all come from the owner Michele De Lucchi himself.

Original ceiling lamp

ceiling rustic beams round dining table chairs white lamp original

In the living room with a ceiling made of rustic beams there is an open, modular kitchen. The concept for this comes from Veneta Cucinem, while the design is again thanks to De Lucchi. New edition of old furniture was used for the seating area. Part of the cozy seating furniture is, for example, the Ulysses chair by Moroso.

Ceiling lamp

ceiling rustic beam hallway white wall design shadow effect

The pleasant lighting ensures a warm atmosphere in the rooms with and without a ceiling made of rustic beams. These, as well as the majority of the furniture, come from the company Produzione Privata, with which the owner works.

Rustic bed design

ceiling rustic beams walnut wood bed bedroom simple

Effective lamp in the bedroom

ceiling rustic beam heating side table lighting effects chair

Ceiling made of rustic beams in the bedroom 

ceiling rustic beam bedspread window bedroom lamp

Bathroom design

ceiling rustic beams bathroom limestone tiles bright sink toilet

Design by Michele De Lucchi and Produzione Privata.