Interior design

Rounded walls & windows in a modern home extension

rounded walls facade-glass-lawn-minimalist-idea

If you own a house that is not big enough, you can enlarge it by adding an extension. In this way, additional rooms are created that improve the feeling of living and provide more comfort. The house that we would like to introduce to you is using rounded walls in such a cultivation and is located in the Netherlands.

Rounded Walls – Enlarge a Small House

rounded walls corridor-stone-wall-mural-decoration

This house is an extension that serves to expand the main house. Since this is quite small, the large enough plot of land was used to create a larger living area with more living comfort. The new extension consists largely of glass, has rounded walls and is, in principle, an extension of an earlier extension.

Rounded walls in the bathroom


A special feature of this extension is that rounded walls are combined with large window fronts, some of which also have a semicircular shape. This design not only makes the house extension look extremely interesting and personable from the outside, but also creates an original interior design with a modern flair.

Living room design

rounded walls comfort-living-skylight-built-in shelf

Rounded windows were designed to be particularly effective in the bathroom. There a giraffe pattern was used for the walls and white mosaic for the floor. The glass roof makes you feel like you’re taking a shower outdoors. The organic shapes of the walls in turn create a cozy and unusual ambience.

Lots of light in the interior


Instead of rounded walls, such a design is used for the original window in the ceiling in the living room. This window in combination with the window fronts is responsible for the bright room atmosphere, which lasts until dusk. After that, light sources provide indirect light, as well as the attractive wall lamp for cosiness.

Rounded window


Rounded walls are also combined with windows of the same shape. The small study, for example, has a round window front, which is supplemented by an exit to the garden. In this way, the room is enlarged in an original way and provided with sufficient valuable daylight.

External walls made of natural stones


Both rounded walls and normal walls are clad with attractive and luxurious-looking natural stone. In this way, the owner can feel close to nature and at the same time receives a noble environment, regardless of whether he is indoors or in the garden. Original sliding windows that disappear into the wall connect the interior with the exterior.

Rounded edges


In addition to rounded walls, many corners are also eliminated in this way. In principle, this is also the aim of the rounded walls – avoiding corners and creating flowing transitions. This is also the case with this modern concrete floor. There are also integrated lamps that illuminate the stairs.

Mirror elements with a rounded look


You can see a very effective partition wall in this picture. It is located in the outdoor area and has a reflective surface that has an interesting effect. The design is based on the same principle as the rounded walls. Instead of straight edges, a curved surface was chosen to connect both sides of the mirror.

Small pool in the garden


In this house extension, rounded walls are perfectly combined with straight ones. The modern swimming pool, which is a rectangle and was not built very large, also serves as a contrast to the organic shapes. But the floor of the pool area is rounded again and separates the living areas from the lawn.

Harmonious lighting


If the natural light is no longer sufficient, various light sources are used as lighting, as already mentioned. Both straight and rounded walls are illuminated from above and from the side and provide the house with a harmonious ambience at night.



In the floor plan of the house with rounded walls, not only the room distribution becomes clear, but also the location of the house extension on the main house. Both elements form a U-shape and partially frame the garden. In the extension there is space for the work area, a seating area and a hanging fireplace. The roof forms a whole and flows seamlessly from one house to another.

The house in the 3D project


Rounded walls and all rooms were planned in advance with the help of a 3D project. Important elements of the architecture and interior design are the underfloor heating, the cooling ceiling, sound absorbing panels and niches that practically hide the curtains. A really great implementation of a house extension!

Design by De Bever Architecten.